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A pair of nice snow boots make winter fashionable and warm

When the temperature has entered a sub-zero state, it is time to come up with our cold-resistant killer ~ yes, it is snow boots. Nowadays, there are no longer ugly boots in the fashion circle. Warm and versatile is enough for everyone to follow this winter shoe.

When the weather was cold, the star's street photography also began to "keep warm." No, the Rocket Girls born in 1995 also began to wear snow boots:

Zhang Zining

Fu Jing

Zhang Huiwen's flat shoes have also been replaced with warm fur models:

Zhang Huiwen

In fact, snow boots have long become a necessity for everyone to wear in winter. Of course, more and more fashion icons have begun to provide good-looking snow boots matching solutions. So, what good-looking warm snow boots and furry shoes can you choose this year? This will give you the answer~

Brand recommendation



Speaking of UGG, it can almost be said to be the "speaker" of snow boots. We saw star snow boots look street shooting, and most of them came from UGG.


Since its establishment, the brand has also designed many well-known classic snow boots. Although there is no bright logo, you can recognize that it is UGG right by looking at the design.

And after cooperating with Angelababy to endorse the brand, it can be seen that the brand has spent a lot of thought, and I hope that these basic snow boots can make another success in fashion


In addition to focusing on the same style of celebrities, UGG also joined hands with Y/Project, Sacai and other brands to launch a joint series, very hard~

In fact, no matter from the perspective of fashion or actual wear, snow boots are already a winter item that everyone can't live without.

In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the brand, UGG launched the 40:40:40 series. UGG classic best-selling shoes reproduced with new technology are lighter in weight, water-repellent and anti-fouling, and there is a 40:40:40 limited logo on the edge of the shoe.

Friends who want to update the classic snow boots, the opportunity is here~

UGG classic short boots 40:40:40

Reference price: ¥1,780

In addition, there are more functional waterproof boots that can withstand the cold of minus 32 degrees Celsius. Whether you live in Harbin, which is minus 30 degrees in winter, or take a trip to the snow-capped mountains occasionally, it is the perfect choice~


Reference price: ¥1,480

For those who like cute and cute style, there is also the da la la elves that they promote this year:

UGG mini classic boots

Reference price: ¥1,980

In addition to the classic snow "boots", UGG fluffy slippers are also very popular.

UGG Hailey slippers

Reference price: ¥1,080

MONCLER, which leads the trend of down jackets, can be said to focus on keeping warm. It is also very motivated in the design of snow boots:

MONCLER's snow boots, like down jackets, are always full of style, often unique in shape.


Because the design of MONCLER's snow boots is indeed quite unique, so many bloggers like to wear it in a straight shape.


MONCLER fur strap ankle boots

Reference price: ¥4,743

Moncler patent leather lace-up snow boots

Reference price: ¥3,519


The British brand Mou is also a well-known brand of snow boots. The eskimo with thick stitching on both sides is Mou's representative work:

In addition to Mou's most classic pure color eskimo, new snow boots often incorporate more elements and patterns on this basis:

MOU eskimo sneaker pearl studs

Reference price: ¥2,353

Mou's snow boots are very similar to the UGG snow boots we are most familiar with. They are all solid-color basic models. But Mou also has a recognizable thick seam design, so there are a lot of true love fans:

MOU eskimo 24 limited edition

Reference price: ¥2,117

MOU inner wedge sneaker side pom

Reference price: ¥2,668

Basically all creative styles are superimposed on eskimo, like this kind of short boots with furry exterior, there are also woven designs on the vamp:

MOU inner wedge short mink trim

Reference price: ¥3,140

EMU Australia

EMU Australia's snow boots are exactly the same, incorporating the brand's unique design elements on the basic UGG models we are most familiar with. These cute cartoon snow boots are one of their most famous designs:

In addition to the cute and unique styles, EMU Australia's waterproof snow boots are also famous.

emmmm...As for the basic model, it is no different from the basic model of UGG. It is also a classic model that is waterproof and warm.

EMU Australia Stinger Rhinestone Micro

Reference price: 860

EMU Australia Stinger Micro

Reference price: ¥832

Moon Boot

In addition to these familiar styles, there are also space snow boots with more unique and avant-garde designs ~ dumb and cute, which are also very popular.

Moon Boot's snow boots are more affordable, and the style is the basic classic. In addition, Moon Boot has also cooperated with big names such as Moncler and Yves Salomon, integrating fur, stitching and other designs, with a stronger sense of style.
Moon Boot lace-up ankle boots

Reference price: ¥513

Moon Boot lace-up boots

Reference price: ¥789

The following two pairs are cooperative models:

Yves Salomon x Moon Boot fur ankle boots

Reference price: ¥8,330

Moncler x Moon Boot fur ankle boots

Reference price: ¥3,882

Of course, in addition to these snow boots, many brands have also launched winter boots that combine fur elements:

Aquazzua fur-trimmed ankle boots

Reference price: ¥6,178
Mr&Mrs Italy fur-trimmed hiking boots

Reference price: ¥6,000

Giuseppe Zanotti Design leopard-print leather ankle boots

Reference price: ¥10,050
Fashionable and beautiful "fury shoes"

The design of snow boots is obvious, mainly for comfort and warmth. However, many people have not understood the furry slippers and furry sandals in winter.

In fact, Tory Burch has answered such questions. When asked why she designs dresses and shoes that expose her skin in winter, the well-off celebrity answered absolutely impeccably.

Regardless of the season, winter is cold, but people don't stay outdoors.

The founder and designer of the brand was born as a celebrity, and said that “the clothes she designs are also what she wears daily”.

Just like she doesn’t care about any blind fashion, she doesn’t need to consider whether it’s cold in winter with bare shoes~

Tory Burch has launched a few furry shoes in the early autumn series, which are extra points for matching the basic models:


Reference price: ¥2,762


Reference price: ¥3,743

UGG also has two furry "sandals" in the early autumn of this year. It feels like a good choice for wearing alone and matching socks:


Reference price: ¥1,180


Reference price: ¥1,680

EMU's fluffy slippers are more lazy and casual:

EMU Australia Mayberry

Reference price: ¥430

Yubo Chiara Ferragni's brand also launched furry Muller shoes this year, with pointed toes, round toes and square toes:

Chiara Ferragni fur slippers

Reference price: ¥3,076

Not only that, many brands of winter shoes also like to add furry elements. Everything from sports shoes to single shoes has become furry, fashionable and cute.

Stuart Weitzman plush flats

Reference price: not priced

Stuart Weitzman JACK plush lace-up flats

Reference price: ¥5,900

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand fur sneakers

Reference price: 4,750
With so many new snow boots and fluffy shoes, I am not excited yet rub my hands and prepare to place an order~

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