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After watching \"An Jia\", I especially want to ask: Does the uniform have the final say on the matter of being professional or not?

Recently, I was chasing Sun Li and Luo Jin’s "An Jia". There are also some controversial plots, but it does not delay it. It is a good-looking TV series. The characters in the play are full of personality and the small supporting roles are also very playful. One of the few good dramas in the past few years.

Fang Sijin, the protagonist played by Sun Li, seems to be a difficult "female leader" in the workplace. In fact, there is still a spirit of tenacity and hard work in his bones, and he can climb the 28th floor three times for a potential client.

And she has a unique insight into her work and a strong degree of professionalism. After reading more, she understands why she dares to say "There is no house I can't sell."

One of the most impressive is the discussion between her and Aunt Xu about "wearing uniforms" and "professionalism".

In reality, some companies or professions also require employees to dress uniformly, just like Fang Sijin's company. The intermediary category is a good example. Most domestic intermediaries will require their employees to wear uniforms provided by the company, as do banking and shopping mall sales jobs.


Although some do not customize uniform clothes, they also have extremely strict Dress codes. Some are particularly relaxed, such as Internet and IT companies, dressing is relatively relaxed, most of the time, as long as they are comfortable and decent.

The reality is that every profession has a different dressing pattern, which makes people think about it. Uniform dressing is optional. Why do some companies require employees to wear uniforms?

Why do some jobs need to wear uniforms?

The company's promotion of uniform dressing is scientifically based. Psychologically, the uniform logo dressing will remind employees of working hours and help them to work actively. In addition, the company can also reflect the strength of the company through uniforms. The neat clothing can reflect the image of steadiness, rigor, efficiency, and trustworthiness, which makes people feel that the company is professional.

In fact, "An Jia" is a good example of "Why do you look more professional in uniform":

At first, Xiaolou wore a checkered shirt, wide T-shirt and slacks, which looked like a fresh graduate. Later, he began to wear company uniforms like Fang Sijin, and he did look a lot more professional.

The old fritters were also worn particularly casual at the beginning, and a little greasy, such as a printed top that looked like a vacation and a tie-dye shirt. Later, he switched to a white short-sleeved shirt, and his trust in him rose.

Zhang Chengcheng, who is sold as a luxury product, also requires uniform clothing when he goes to work. Uniforms sold in clothing are not only the embodiment of professionalism, but also a channel for brands to show their tonality and taste.

The existence of some uniforms is not just to reflect professionalism. Judges are required to wear uniform clothing when they go to court to show respect for the law and the court. Airlines and banks also need to wear uniforms so that customers can easily distinguish staff from the crowd.

Professionalism is not necessarily counted in uniforms

You can also see such examples in the play. Although the Anjia employees did not wear uniforms, they still looked much more professional than the intermediary next door. They clearly did not wear uniforms.
There are still many positions where there is no uniform dress code, and everyone will still make a "very professional" judgment based on their dress code. Lawyers do not have uniform uniforms, but they have strict dress standards, such as not wearing sports shoes, women not wearing clothes with exposed shoulders, and short skirts.

For companies like financial companies that need to face high-end customers, in addition to being "professional," your dress should also reflect a confident personality.

As Wang Zijian said in "An Jia", most of his services are customers with relatively strong financial strength. Ordinary uniforms are not enough for such a customer group, and more stylish styles will make them trust.
Wang Zijian's suit looks much more sophisticated than a uniform uniform, and is more tasteful than a solid color suit.

For cultural and artistic work, there are not many restrictions on dressing at work, but it is still necessary to match the dress at work very carefully, because taste represents professionalism to a certain extent. You can look at the editors at Fashion Week. They don’t dress particularly well like bloggers, but you can tell that they are connoisseurs.

Therefore, professionalism and unprofessionalism are not necessarily related to whether to dress uniformly. Don't think that uniform dressing does not care about matching, because you are likely to face the same embarrassment as an intermediary or insurance practitioner. When you must wear a uniform, there are ways to wear it professionally, as long as you pay attention to these matters.
Wearing uniforms in this way can better reflect the sense of professionalism.
Let’s look back at what is wrong with the uniforms of Little Red Riding Hood and Aladdin in the show. Their dressing problems are actually very representative:
for example, the suit size does not fit. Most of the uniforms are not fit enough because of the uniform customization. Uniforms that are too large and wrinkled on the body look unconscious, and uniforms that are too small make people feel petty.

The length of suitable pants is the same as the standard of trousers. The traditional length should show the heel and the trousers just cover the instep. The more fashionable dress can be shorter.

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