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Big breasted girl\'s winter is also too difficult for a wife, wife, and wife

Wearing close-fitting clothes is sexy, and wearing loose-fitting clothes is fat. This kind of pain is probably understood by all big breasted girls. How to dress is not only in summer, but also plagues big breasted girls all year round.

Don't dare to wear shirts in spring, suspenders in summer, and sweaters in autumn. Although there are thick coats to cover in winter, how to choose an inner outfit is still a headache.

Even the Kardashian sisters who have this kind of meat grow in the long place are unavoidably a little bloated, which is simply more difficult for ordinary girls.

So how should a big breasted girl choose to get rid of the "bloated" in winter? May wish to learn from the "fashion blogger" Mrs. Maisel from the 1950s.

Regardless of the plot, the show is attractive enough to look through each season. As a woman who studies VOGUE daily and spends a whole room dedicated to putting clothes in the upper West Side of New York, the protagonist Midge's fashion skills are probably not lost to any fashion blogger.

Her presence slapped those who said "big breasts = unfashionable" in the face, Mickey, who is always exquisite and fashionable, is an out-and-out big breasted girl.

(Add a cold knowledge that most people don't know: Rachel Brosnahan, the heroine of the show, is the niece of the late designer Kate Spade.)

Girls who are as plump as her can learn a lot of little tips for winter through this show——

From the fabric

In order to avoid "bloating", the first thing that big breasted girls should pay attention to when choosing an inner outfit is the fabric of the clothes, because this determines its elasticity, unless you are a standard hourglass body like the Kardashian sisters, without a trace of body Cellulite, otherwise the high elasticity of the body will make your cellulite have nowhere to hide.

A more suitable choice is soft fabrics such as knitted, silk and silk with a relatively loose fabric structure; these fabrics generally have moderate elasticity, good drape, smooth modeling lines, and the contours of the clothing can naturally stretch following the body shape to better reflect the human body curve.

Of course, a better choice is a stiff and stylish fabric, but there is one thing to pay attention to when choosing a tall fabric, which is the tailoring of the clothes——

From tailoring

It is not enough to choose fabrics. The tailoring of clothes sometimes plays a more critical role. Good tailoring determines the effect of the upper and the back of the clothes.

First of all, we must avoid the straight-line profile fabrics, because they will support the space under the chest, increase the waistline visually, and make it more fat. Ivanka Trump wearing this suit when visiting Morocco is a wrong model.

From the first season to the present, the heroine in the drama "The Great Mrs. Maisel" has the most popular and classic look is the rainbow-colored coat with the same color or contrast color jumpsuit and umbrella skirt.

When Mickey chose the inner model, she paid special attention to that she would definitely choose those stiff styles that were tailored on the chest, waist and abdomen to follow the figure.

In order to look thin, the easiest way is of course to cover the fat areas and expose the thin areas. The waist cut can well solve the "disadvantages" that the profiled fabric is not enough to highlight the body curve, and at the same time, the stiffer material has a certain tightening effect on the excess fat.

See when Ivanka puts on the waist square collar, the contrast with the previous one shows a significant slimming effect.

Many big-breasted girls will have the trouble of too big trapezius muscle, which is often called "shoulder slipping", which will give people a feeling of thick shoulders. Girls with such troubles are advised not to wear round necks, which will further expose their body. defect.

In fact, V-neck is also a good choice, not only looks thin but also looks small.

In the interior design, try to choose styles with concise colors and avoid patterns and patterns, such as stripes, that will produce elongated and widened visual effects.

If you don’t want to wear solid colors all day long, you can choose a printed pattern inside, but don’t choose a single large pattern. Choose Mickey’s covered print so that you won’t let your eyes fall on a single figure. on.

Another way is to wear clothes with decorative designs to shift the visual focus.

Of course, you can also add decorations manually. It is smart to wear a small coat on the shoulders like Mickey's.

From the color

It has always been in everyone's concept that dark colors are thinner and light colors are fatter. In fact, although the color of the clothes has a certain effect on the visual effect of the fat and thin body, it is not that big. What is more important is the material and tailoring of the clothes.

Let's take a look at the wardrobe of Mickey Mouse, which is shown by costume designer Donna Zakowska in the play. The whole wardrobe is rainbow-colored and has everything you need (this is just a small part of the costume).

It's not just clothes, no matter if it's big or small, don't reject other possibilities because of your imperfect figure. No matter what you wear, confidence is the most important thing.

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