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Black Friday is coming, and there are enough reasons to buy a bag

It doesn't matter if you miss Double Eleven, you still have Black Friday to replenish your goods~ Yes, as the shopping festival with the largest luxury discount every year, Black Friday has found the most adequate reason for you to buy a new bag-affordable!

The big-name bag that everyone wants

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has been “older and younger” in recent years. The Louis Vuitton X Grace Coddington series, which was almost sold out just on the shelves not long ago, is a good example.

They brought in Grace Coddington, the former creative director of the American version of "VOGUE", who was fond of cats. The 41-year-old devil took her most precious cats: Persians, Pumpkins and Blankets. ) All designed into cartoon elements integrated into the luggage world.

The painting style of the entire series is hard to recognize at first glance. Is this the Louis Vuitton we are familiar with? The bold and cute style is so cute, you can easily match it in your hand and look cute!

Louis Vuitton X Grace Coddington

Pochette Kirigami handbag

Reference price: RMB 7100

Zhong Chuxi also carried the Louis Vuitton X Grace Coddington series in the street shooting, which is fashionable and full of girlish hearts~

Louis Vuitton X Grace Coddington

Petite Boite Chapeau handbag

Reference price: RMB 33500

Louis Vuitton X Grace Coddington

Full Cat handbag

Reference price: RMB 15200

In addition to the Louis Vuitton X Grace Coddington series, the Louis Vuitton 2019 spring and summer series show that just ended not long ago also delivered a perfect answer.

The new season's Louis Vuitton finally dared to step out of the safe zone and break the conventional style!

Does this bulging shaped "goose egg bag" give you a bright feeling? In addition to making classic old flower elements, the designer has added a lot of rare leather options.

In addition to the "goose egg bag", there was also a "flying saucer bag" on the show this year. The designer used rare leather and its natural texture to create this futuristic "flying saucer bag" , Does it look so cool?


There are also new developments in the shape of the small box this season. Does this small box with bold personality and color contrast make people fall for a second?


Hermès is still taking the noble and noble route this year. What is different from the past is that it seems to have a sense of youthful vitality this year. For example, this season's Hermès Verrou bag has changed from a thin shoulder strap to a wide shoulder strap, and the overall style has become younger and more manageable.

The flagship model of this season, Herbag, changed the canvas of the body to a special coated canvas. This special coated canvas not only looks as shiny and tall as leather, but also avoids the difference between leather and ordinary canvas. The shortcomings of waterproof and water-resistant are definitely a major reform from appearance to practicality.

In addition to the changes that are worth mentioning in the above two bags, the designer has also introduced several new bags. For example, this Petit Sac double-layer bag is very cute! That's right, this season's Hermès has also learned to sell cute. This cute little bag is composed of two bags, fixed with a metal pin in the middle, very individual and full of youthfulness.

You no longer have to worry that you are too young to hold Hermès. After all, with it, you only need to care whether your wallet is deflated!


The bags of Chanel's 2019 early spring vacation series are simply fairy bags! It's no exaggeration to say that each one is beautiful, and the various macarons make everyone's hearts bursting!


flap bag

Reference price: RMB 34120

The rectangular Boy Chanel is not too aura, it is more fashionable and chic than the previous classic models, and the colors are also lively~


boy chanel handbag

Reference price: RMB 29200

And the designer has ingeniously designed ordinary classic flaps and personalized special flaps for you to choose from. If you like, don't miss the following one.


Small Round Bag

Reference price: RMB 31300

This season's Small Round Bag lifebuoy has given up the pink and white color scheme and replaced it with more versatile red and white and black and white. The overall shape is cute and playful without losing elegance.

Even the big cousin, who has always taken the high-cold route, was overwhelmed by it and chose a versatile black and white lifebuoy with a sweet and elegant floral dress.

This year is definitely the popular year of saddle bags, but if you want to continue to blow this trend into 19, you still have to work hard. This LOEWE gate series saddle bag has been reformed in the 2019 spring and summer series after the introduction of ordinary large and mini designs.

All kinds of rare leather materials such as crocodile skin and snake skin have been used in the gate series, and there is also a hybrid gate series saddle bag made of straw woven leather.


In addition, LOEWE's most popular Puzzle is also changed to rare animal skins this season, making the overall look more expensive and individual.

Delvaux 2018 Christmas Collection

This Christmas, Delvaux's Winter Rhapsody series is also very stunning, cute and chic.


Brillant Mini, Blooming Crystalline bag

Delvaux's flagship Brillant handbag is transformed into a miracle of ice and snow under the designer's whimsy. Carrying it on will put you in the winter fantasy of pink makeup and jade.

Brillant MM, Bolshoï bags

From handbags to coin purses can be playful and noble, each one is like a fairy tale book~

Brillant GM, Golden Eye bags

New CELINE debut

Minimalist package "successors"

In the recent spring and summer fashion week, CELINE first released two new bags, "16" and "C" before the catwalk, which sparked heated discussions for a while.

It can be seen from these two bags that the lines of the new CELINE handbags are still so clear and neat, but the details of the design are more inclined to the rebellious and rock style that Hedi Slimane is good at.

Of course, there are actually many options for minimalist style bags. Today, we will recommend a few more advanced and versatile minimalist handbags~

Miu Miu's new models this season have also taken a cold wind, minimalist design and elegant.

Miu Miu 2019 spring and summer series

And in addition to the minimalist handbags in glossy leather, Miu Miu also incorporated his own classic fold elements into this retro handbag, two styles for you to choose from~

Miu Miu 2019 spring and summer series

In addition to the popular big-name handbags all the year round, handbags from light luxury brands and niche designer brands are also one of the most cost-effective choices for the Black Friday! Because the discount is really big~

If you like to be smaller, Mansur Gavriel is a good choice. Compared to the rectangular shape, this relatively square Elegant series is more cute and playful.

Mansur Gavriel Elegant Collection

And compared to CELINE's cool sex color, the Elegant series also has young and energetic macaron powder to light up your winter!

Mansur Gavriel

Elegant Top Handle Bag

Reference price: RMB 7600

ssense available

Beckham's own brand of the same name, Victoria Beckham, also has many beautifully designed minimalist handbags! Whether it's silhouette pants or elegant skirts, you can always see Beckham holding this bag in her hand, showing that Beckham loves it.

Victoria Beckham Half Moon Box series

And in terms of materials and handicrafts, the Half Moon Box series is also remarkable and worth buying.

Victoria Beckham

Half Moon Box Bag

Reference price: RMB 8600

The brand Sophie Hulme, which is also low-key and simple, has a minimalist bucket bag without Logo, which has also been photographed on the street by many fashionable icons.

Sophie Hulme Swing series

Compared with the explosive models, Swing is very niche, and the pure-toned leather material with brass metal pushes the retro simplicity to the extreme. The body is not soft and has a three-dimensional effect, and the shape is full.

The size is not large, but the capacity is not small ~ Tablets, mobile phones, cosmetic bags can be easily put into the bag.

Sophie Hulme

calf leather tote bag

Reference price: RMB 6280

Available at farfetch

Well, the reference prices are all the original prices~ Is it more confident after reading it?

Don't worry, the prices of the following niche brands are better!

Small crowdsourcing that will not hit the money and enhance the temperament

Danse Lente, Roksanda, The Row, Building Block, Yuzefi, Shrimps and other niche brands have been named by fashion icons countless times. If you don’t want to hit the bag, the recent fashion week it girls provided us with many new choices!

Rejina Pyo Olivia series

For Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Week, this Olivia series from Korean designer brand Rejina Pyo is really very popular, and it can be seen in the daily street photography of basic fashion week. This handbag, which looks like a "lunch box", has fallen into the fashion circle. It has not been long since Rejina Pyo, a clothing brand, launched an accessory line. It's really rare to have such a big wave in such a short time.

In addition, the bag liner of the Olivia series is sewn with suede. It feels silky and soft. The capacity of the bag itself is just right. Mobile phones, wallets, key cases, and makeup powder can be perfectly placed.

Rejina Pyo

blue Olivia crocodile embossed leather box bag

Reference price: RMB 5000

Available at farfetch

Gu_de Demi Lune series

Like Rejina Pyo, this Gu_de Demi Lune series bag is also a Korean designer brand and is even more niche. The similarity between the two is that the designer also likes to use crocodile skin elements to create a sense of high-end, and to give the bag a low-key luxury with simple shapes and colors.

The choice of black and white colors makes the bag more versatile. No matter what style of clothes you wear, you can control this bag perfectly.

Demi-Lune croc-effect leather shoulder bag

Reference price: RMB 5690

Available on net-a-porter

Wandler Hortensia series

Wandler can be regarded as the dark horse among the niche brands in the past two years. Its purpose is that it is not easy to hit the money and is full of high-level sense of cold wind. This Hortensia series handbag is definitely Wandler's top brand. It is becoming more and more popular among fashionable elites, and the choice of super multiple colors makes the Hortensia series full of infinite possibilities. The high-grade gray series color is definitely the killer of Hortensia handbags exuding feminine gentleness, don't miss it if you like it.


Hortensia leather shoulder bag

Reference price: RMB 7100

Wandler Anna series

In addition to the top brand Hortensia series, Wandler also has a bag that is quite popular among fashion bloggers, which is the Anna series handbags. Because of the popularity of waist bags this year, most fashionistas like to use the Anna series as a waist bag back, but in fact, it can be adjusted in length for one second to turn into a small satchel. Is this intimate one-pack dual-use design just what you want?

The small and exquisite style and the minimalist bag outline are definitely bonus points for you to match~


Anna belt bag

Reference price: RMB 2600

Available at wiseboutique

The Volon Mani Bag

The Volon can also be regarded as the leader of niche brands. Basically, a new style can sweep the street shooting of major fashion weeks. This year, the most popular is this Mani Bag~

The compact body is exquisite with the metal chain. Coupled with the geometric elements, the contrast design is the golden touch of styling. Elegant or capable dressing style can perfectly control this bag.

The Volon

Mani Color Block Leather Bag

Reference price: RMB 7000

Available at shopbop

Gabriela Hearst Patsy Bag

If you are not familiar with the Gabriela Hearst brand, let’s review an ace bag of this brand first~

That's right! It is the bag that Princess Megan used when she first attended a public event after she married Prince Harry. Its full name is Gabriela Hearst Nina Bag~ This bag can be considered a big storm in the fashion circle. It is complicated and difficult to buy. It can be said that a bag is hard to find!

And this year's fashion week, this new Patsy Bag from Gabriela Hearst is coming to trouble!

Compared with the dumpling shape of Nina Bag, the shape of Patsy Bag looks simpler and looks more like an antique treasure chest. I don't know which bag do you prefer in comparison?

emmmm~ Finally, these two bags are temporarily out of stock~


Tara Zadeh Azer series
Tara Zadeh's Azer series handbags this year can be said to be evergreen popular bags that have stood firm since the beginning of the year.

It is composed of a variety of geometric elements, and the metal ring composed of triangles, squares and circles is perfectly combined with the round body, showing the biggest characteristics of the bag. The versatility brought by the minimalist styling is also conceivable, and street-like young girls and capable working women can control the same bag.

Tara Zadeh

Yellow Azar suede bracelet bag

Reference price: RMB 3100

Available at farfetch

Okay, which bag have you been planted?

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