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Coat + sneakers can have more fashionable possibilities this year

The vitality and movement of sports shoes can eliminate the maturity of the coat and become the most popular winter dress CP in recent years. There are more changes in this year's sneakers. Pair it with your fashionable coat, simple and stylish.

They look really good

The coat, needless to say, there are not a few in the closet, it is a very national item. Moreover, it has higher appearance than down jackets and warmer than suits. It is the best combination of good-looking and easy-to-use.

With sneakers, even the most difficult coats will be obedient, and with coats, the basic white sneakers also look advanced.

If you only buy a coat, it is estimated that everyone will buy camel. Although the camel coat is classic, many people will complain about it, and the classmates who complain about it must not wear the right shoes.

Sneakers can bring vitality to a more formal camel coat, if you still think the color is dull, you can use color inside. The most difficult thing in the coat is this kind of teddy bear coat that looks fat. In reality, the best riders are all kinds of sneakers.

The teddy bear coat, which is popular in recent years, is fashionable and accent on models, but it is not so suitable for yourself. On the one hand, their way of dressing may be very impractical. Many large movies are worn bare-legged, which is too cold; on the other hand, they wear 10 cm high heels to show their height, which is too tiring.

The combination of teddy bear coat + sneakers is more popular. The addition of sports shoes can balance the weight of the teddy bear coat, and it does not look top-heavy.

Fashion blogger Charlotte Groeneveld has worn this furry coat and sneakers many times in fashion week street shooting. Can you see that she is only about 160cm?

Plaid coats are also very picky. But it was tamed by sneakers.

Plaid is really popular recently, but the pattern is complicated and a bit picky, and coupled with a large area, plaid coats are easy to show up and show old age. The sneakers come with an age reduction effect, and the combination of the two is refreshing in the retro.

Irene Kim is wearing a houndstooth coat with a similar style of wide-leg pants. If there is no white sneakers and bright tops, it will look very old.

Overcoat sneakers never go out of style

Some people think that they wore it like this last winter. Will it be out of date this year? Don't be afraid, as long as the popularity of Athleisure continues, the CP pair of coats and sneakers will most likely continue to be fashionable.

Their fashion stories can start from the popularity of Atheleisure and Normcore:

Since the word "Normcore" became a popular search keyword in Google's fashion trend category in 2014, the combination of coat and sneakers has never faded out of people's vision.

So far, everyone hasn't gotten tired of this pair of CPs. Many big brands have had coats and sneakers for several years:

The popularity of coats and sneakers is so long-lasting because these two least pretentious individuals meet, and everyone who wears them will feel at home from the heart.

At work, celebrities and supermodels often wear all kinds of high heels. In life, they still like comfortable clothing such as coats and sneakers.

When fashion bloggers don't have to rack their brains to come up with new outfits, they will return to the most self-consistent state. A pair of sneakers and a coat are their common choices.

Compared with the avant-garde popular models, coats and sneakers are indeed more conservative, but they also have a greater tolerance.

This is why the combination of coats and sneakers has been in fashion, and will remain fashionable for a long time.

How to wear a coat and sneakers this year?

A match that will not be outdated does not mean that everyone can wear it well. Those who don't look good in coats and shoes will definitely resonate. They may have made mistakes in these areas:

Overlength coats are not necessarily suitable for sneakers. They have an aura to wear, but many people don't see the body and proportion after wearing them. At this time, it will only be worse with a pair of sports shoes.

Linda Tol wore a super long coat before, and her height looks more than a little different from when she wore a normal coat.
The style of sports shoes also varies from person to person. Daddy shoes with a pair of hands are not so easy to wear, and a small person may appear short calf.

The small Susie Lau and Bella Hadid wore the same pair of Maison Margiela daddy shoes. In contrast, the height of the daddy shoes accounted for half of Susie Lau's calf length. The ratio of Bella's calf to the shoe looks very comfortable. .

Although the overcoat has an aura, because of the big one, many people can't see the figure and proportion after wearing it. Some sports shoes will exude a strong "gym feel" and look out of tune with overcoats.

If you want to wear the combination of coat and sneakers into a star-like tall figure, you must skillfully apply the well-known dressing tips:
pay attention to the position of the waist line when wearing a coat and sneakers, and the jacket should not be too long. The biggest taboo is to wear inside. Too many layers or cover the waistline, this way of wearing is destined to make your height submerged in the clothing.

Emili Sindlev usually wears a jacket just over the knee, which is very tall. Wearing an ultra-long style and can't see the waist line will be visually shorter.

It is also a way to choose bottoms (high-waisted jeans) that can highlight the proportions, or use a belt to distinguish the upper and lower body by color contrast.

High waist line can be used together with shoes and pants in the same color, which will look good in proportion.

In addition to the waistline, the leg area that the coat and sneakers can't cover is also the part that needs to be paid attention to. Don't look at the area where it is exposed, it depends on this position when you are thin and tall. If it is not particularly high, it is recommended to choose more leg-cut leggings or cigarette pants.

If you want to look thin and tall when matching a coat with sneakers, the treatment near the ankle is also very important. Wearing an ankle has always been a battleground for military strategists. Like the clavicle, seeing the ankle will give you the feeling of thin legs.

Many people think that wearing a long knitted dress in the coat will make you look thin. The knitted dress does not show the proportions or lines, and the credit is on the exposed ankle. This combination is also suitable for matching sneakers.

Whether you are wearing trousers or skirts, as long as you wear a long coat, you must expose your ankles, especially those with thin legs.

If you have a pear-shaped figure, you must pay attention to exposing your ankles when wearing daddy pants and sneakers, otherwise others will think that your calf is about the same width as your shoes. Tonya Smith's dressing method is obviously more suitable for a pear-shaped figure. Sara Donaldson, another pear-shaped blogger, also pays special attention to showing her ankles when she wears it.

This year it happens to be particularly popular to wear socks between the trousers and shoes, and it is also a way to show the thin ankles.

Sneakers + dark socks are a common match in street photography; sports shoes and white socks are a more fashionable way to wear this year, with a retro atmosphere; a small section of colorful socks is also a boring person The way it will be used.

There is never a shortage of fresh shoes in winter. The square-toed boots, loose knee-length boots, and thick-soled Martin boots are still hot, but in the end they still feel that sneakers and coats are the most beautiful to wear. This kind of beauty is a kind of psychological comfort, because when I wear them I know that I am wearing clothes, not clothes "wearing" me.

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