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Compared with \"Settle Down\", the career talents in Japanese TV dramas are really burning

The word-of-mouth of this drama is polarized. Some people think it is "very real and down-to-earth", while the other part complains about it as a "love drama under the guise of a workplace drama." Douban scores are also relatively mediocre, currently only 6.1 points.

And look at the original Japanese drama "The Woman Selling a House" remake of "An Jia", which was released in 2016 with a Douban score of 8.3. Said it was a remake, but a big frame of the original was applied. After reading the original work, many people feel that it is burning and warm, healing and inspirational.

The same story with the same theme, what is the difference between the domestically produced "An Jia" and Nissan "The Woman Selling a House"?

Selling a house, or selling social anxiety?

As my "feast drama", objectively speaking, although the drama "Settle Down" is not an excellent workplace drama, it has some remarkable points.

For example, the role of Sun Li gives people a sense of substitution as soon as he appears, and the role of a real estate agency brings people into many realistic stories about "buying a house" at once. Some details about the real estate agency and the client are also very vivid...

But for a good drama, only details are not enough. Whether the story it wants to express can resonate or even inspire people is even more important.
As a remake, although "An Jia" does not copy the story and plot of the Japanese drama "The Woman Selling a House", it still appears to be "unacceptable" overall.

Although the main characters set in "An Jia" have their own unique characters and stories behind them, some of the plot settings are still a bit too far.

For example, people often go to an izakaya to drink after get off work, and sing "Seaweed Dance" after drinking High... Such an exaggerated setting is more like a workplace person in the "Japanese workplace culture", because the work pressure during the day is so stressful that you leave work You need to go to an izakaya to release your nature to relieve stress. It is not the life adjustment required by the work rhythm of "Selling a house for 10 minutes and chatting for half an hour" by the intermediaries of "An Jia".

May I ask the "no billing girl" who often takes advantage of handing out flyers to drink coffee and watch movies to earn steps, do she need to dance seaweed dance after get off work to decompress? For a real workplace, she has probably been fired 10,000 times.

Most of the "office scenes" shown in each episode of "Settlement" are in the gags. In order to compare it with the “slogan shouting” of other intermediary companies on the street, the atmosphere of the office is deliberately transformed into a general scene of “playing ukulele for a concert”, which is also very divorced from reality.
What really makes people unable to pay for this drama is the various social events deliberately included in "Settle Down".

In the Japanese drama "The Woman Who Sells a House", it is to use the heroine to sell the house to portray the living conditions of all classes and groups of people in Japan. Among them, there are minimalists, snails, and LGBT people. What they try to let the audience understand is the true state of a group of people... And "An Jia" in order to create a highlight, make the plot full of conflict and even attract attention. It was a hot search on Weibo, deliberately stuffing many social topics into it.

For example, the obstetrician and gynecologist played by Hai Qing wants to change to a large school district room, but complains that he and her husband are both highly educated, and they still can’t mix well in this society. They can’t buy a suitable house for a long time. .
another example is Guo Tao played by Mr. Kan, has a wife and four lovely children homely, lived in luxury villa, but also to spend money to buy three small mesh red writer ......

Even the heroes and heroines in the story cannot escape the "dog blood" life.

Fang Sijin, played by Sun Li, was portrayed as a “golden intermediary” who was able to stand firm in the city by his own efforts because of his “patriarchy”. There is also a mother who always cares about asking for 1 million to support her younger brother, chasing after blocking the company in Shanghai and making troubles... This is really the same as the Mabangni in "Perfect Relationship".
As everyone knows, this kind of "Fan Shengmei"-style tragic female role has long been numb to the audience. Instead of empathy, it will deliberately create misery.

Although Xu Wenchang, played by Luo Jin, has a humorous and open-minded character, he was "scarred" because his childhood father abandoned him and his mother, causing his mother to commit suicide by jumping off the building on his birthday.

He was very sensitive to emotional betrayal, but he found an unreliable Zhang Chengcheng to marry him. In order to buy a house, he found out that his wife had an affair with Xiao Xianrou in order to buy a house. Living together like Jin...
these hard and concave plots are a bit too extreme and intense. It seems that all the plots are for the love of the two protagonists to take root, and it is difficult to make people feel a sense of identity.
And the extreme social topics that are heavily mixed are not only suspected of "trafficking anxiety", but also make a good drama that could truly show the housing agency industry completely unrecognizable.

Real burning is the light of humanity in the workplace

Compared with domestically produced workplace dramas, Nissan’s workplace dramas have almost all scores on Douban.
The reason why everyone likes Nissan’s workplace dramas is that most of the Japanese dramas express life and humanity through workplace dramas, rather than put on the shell of workplace dramas, staged "overbearing CEOs fall in love with me" and other bloody love.

01 The
short and powerful
Japanese drama series are mostly about 10 episodes, fast-paced and large in content. Compared with domestic dramas that always "inject water" to 40-50 episodes, the workplace dramas in Japanese dramas often focus on only one workplace problem. After 10 episodes, a workplace problem has been cleared.
For example, the hot workplace drama "I, Get Off Work" in the past two years shows Japan's overtime culture through different workplace characters.

Whether it’s because of the ex-boyfriend’s ex-boyfriend who is working overtime and regretting the marriage, or the Jianyue who just gave birth to return to work, or Azuma Toru who is a little lonely and likes to spend the night in the office, the development of a character line in each episode quickly allows the audience to enter the life of the character and have a shared Love, without procrastination.

Although there are also emotional lines between the two men and women in the play, it shows the relationship between the two men and women in the past, and it is not embarrassing to be closely connected with the main plot of "overtime". On the contrary, the real problem of how to balance work and life in Japan is described more deeply.

02 The
spirit of the workman
, Nissan’s workplace drama is good, because the audience can feel a person’s passion for the workplace from the storyline. Many times, they work with a craftsman spirit, and this kind of love from the heart will directly touch people's hearts.

Just like in "The Woman Who Sells a House," the seemingly absurd and exaggerated heroine doesn't care about interpersonal relationships, but just wants to help others find the most suitable house for them. The secret of "no house she can't sell" is simply because: she is not responsible for selling a house, but the entire life of the client.

This starting point is touching because of its purity. Compared with the fact that Fang Sijin used various skills in order to complete her performance, but often ignored the plight of the real life of the buyer, it conveys a more admirable professionalism. I have to say that many domestic workplace dramas seem to believe in success. It’s hard to compare with the “most growing workplace people” in Nissan’s workplace dramas in which Xiaobai, like Jiang Dalin in "Perfect Relationship", counterattacked to become the president.

The "Tokyo Women's Guide", which has been reproduced many times into the Beijing and Shanghai versions, has quickly presented a "small town girl's growth history" in only 11 episodes, but the most touching thing is the ending "Return to Basics" and see it again. When a lady walked by herself like a lady, her heart was upset. This is the most powerful aspect of workplace dramas that fully demonstrate the essence of human nature.

The workplace is a mirror. It reflects not only the complexity of interpersonal relationships and human nature in the real workplace, but also the true self.
An excellent workplace drama shouldn't just be the accumulation and listing of social phenomena. Through those good dramas that truly capture the difficulties and growth in the workplace, we find the shining points from the protagonist and guide us forward.
In fact, the best screenwriter is each of us in the workplace. The protagonists who are full of inspiration in the good workplace dramas we have seen are more of who they used to be and who they want to be.
Although the careers of many people have been more or less affected by the epidemic. But I hope you remember-
no matter when and where, you can become a better version of yourself.

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