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Everyone loves wide-leg pants so they look best

No matter how the trend changes and iterations, there are always some items that will never be out of date because they look good and wear well. It's like "popular models" from time to time, but It Girls just can't put down the wide-leg pants in the closet that can show the longest legs.

Wide-leg pants have too many celebrity fans. For example, Liu Wen loves them very much. They are fashionable with all kinds of tops. Kendall Jenner also likes to wear wide-leg pants, while Gigi Hadid prefers nine-point wide-leg pants. She will wear a short jacket to optimize the ratio. Of course, wide-leg pants are not exclusive to tall people, but also a savior for short girls. Like blogger Leonie Hanne wearing wide-leg pants, it doesn’t look too good.
However, wide-leg pants with a lot of advantages will also become a deduction when they are not worn correctly. Obviously others look tall and slender when they wear them, but they become shorter when they wear them. Even the sense of luxury and fashion is gone, I always feel that my pants are rustic and cheap, not on the high grade... In fact, if you want to wear a pair of wide-leg pants, there are some "hidden rules", so let VOGUE will interpret it for you.

The secret to choosing wide-leg pants is here

01 Regarding the length of nine-point wide-leg pants, the
principle of choosing the length of the most practical wide-leg pants is similar to that of skirts-try to avoid half-length styles. It's best to touch less than five to seven, because this awkward length will cut your leg length, and ordinary people wear it very short, and even become "five-five".


The nine-point wide-leg pants are the most practical style. After our observation and personal testing, we found that anyone can easily control it. This is because the nine-point wide-leg pants not only have the ability to show height, they can also expose the most slender ankles, which will result in a very slender look on the legs as a whole. As for the floor-to-ceiling wide-leg pants that street stars love so much, they are the most long-legged category, and they look good to wear, but the difficulty of driving them is correspondingly higher. Because it is not as convenient as the nine-point wide-leg pants, but the effect is really first-class, remember that when wearing it, you must match high heels-let the heel hide in the trouser legs to support the balance, from the outside The length of the heel will be directly included in the leg length.
However, if you are not tall enough, and use it with flat shoes, it is likely to change from a "land style" to a "land mopping style". Not to mention the size, you will look sloppy and unconscious if you wear it well.

02 Regarding the material, it mainly depends on the figure

The material of wide-leg pants is often overlooked, but it is also very important. In many cases, not choosing the right material is the crux of how you can't wear wide-leg pants.


Different body fits different fabric thickness. Originally very thin, the legs are straight, suitable for light fabrics. Not only does it have a sense of elegance when walking, but it also shows off the original good figure. Take Beckham as an example, the heavy wide-leg pants on the left made her obviously fatter. She changed to the thin fabric on the right to return to her usual thin and beautiful appearance.

For girls with thick legs and wide hips or poor-looking legs, fabrics with larger counts and slightly stiffer are more suitable. You must stay away from extremely unfriendly items like knitted wide-leg pants.


For Selena Gomez, who is slightly fat, thin and soft fabrics will make her look shorter and her legs will look thicker than they actually are. The wide-leg pants on the right of the picture use a more stiff and stylish fabric to decorate the body very well. The key to avoiding the sense of cheapness is that the pants must not be crumpled and shapeless. So when buying, be sure to choose those fabrics with good texture and good drape. Only when the quality is passed, the single product has advanced genes.

03About the A-type wide-leg pants are the most versatile

Version type is also a major factor that affects the wearing effect of wide-leg pants. Only by choosing the right wide-leg pants that fit your body shape can you maximize your strengths and avoid weaknesses.

Too complicated styles will increase the sense of weight and make the whole person's visual center of gravity fall downward, so when choosing wide-leg pants, be sure to avoid those over-designed wide-leg pants. "Simplicity and solid wear" is the first . Girls with too wide crotch and thick thigh base should avoid this kind of straighter style. Their ability to cover the flesh is limited and will only make you stout. If you must choose a style with a wide coverage and the most versatile, then the non-A wide-leg pants are none other than that. The lines spread out to the sides can modify the lower body to the greatest extent, and no matter what small defects are, it can be hidden from the sky. It should be noted that if you are petite, you must grasp the degree of expansion of Type A. A-type wide-leg pants with a too wide version will increase the width of the body and cause the effect of horizontal stretching. On the contrary, it appears short and fat, and the gain is not worth the loss.


A well-fitted top is really fashionable

Even if you choose the wide-leg pants that suit you, if you don't make a good match, it will be a waste of effort. And the impact of a top on wide-leg pants is far greater than you think.

01 sweater + wide leg pants

The sweater is Liu Wen's single product that often flips the brand in autumn and winter. A simple slightly oversize sweater with wide-leg pants, without excessive force, and the warm feeling matches the temperament of the big cousin.
However, sweaters with too much oversize and wide-leg pants are different, which may be true for Liu Wen, but they may not be suitable for small girls.
For a more refined feeling, you can use a more slim knit sweater to match wide-leg pants. In the current season, such knitted sweaters are also very practical inside. In addition to Liu Wen, many French bloggers often wear this. For example, AnneLaure Mais Moreau creates a more elegant and feminine trouser shape.

02Short coat + wide-leg pants
For wide-leg pants, the waist line is the "lifeline", and short coats can solve this problem well. It can maximize the heightening effect of wide-leg pants. In the past two years, autumn and winter has gradually become a trendy down jacket, and there is no need to worry about temperature and demeanor. Use a short down jacket with wide-leg pants to be very fashionable. In addition, short jackets can create more different styles for wide-leg pants. We often think that wide-leg pants are capable or elegant, but with a short jacket, wide-leg pants can also have a cool street feel.

03 Long coat + wide leg pants

Of course, in autumn and winter, the best quality to wear is all kinds of long coats. Hailey Bieber also demonstrated many such styles for us, which is full of layers. However, with such a relatively complex combination, we need to pay more attention to more points. First of all, you must choose a neatly tailored H-shaped coat, like the straight line below is very suitable. Because the hem of the A-line coat expands outward, the wide-leg pants with the same expansion can only make you fatter.
Another key point is the length difference between the coat and the wide-leg pants. Just like Liu Wen, wearing a long coat and revealing a leg is really tall.


04 wide leg pants suit

The same color has been worn for so long, and the keywords of suits and complete sets are so popular in these two seasons. This way of dressing can be applied to wide-leg pants as well, or even more fashionable. Compared with ordinary suits, wide-leg pants can make such a match more suitable for daily wear without being too rigid. We can choose this waist style. If it's a loose version with a less obvious waist design, you can add an extra belt to make it more powerful.

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