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Fashionable, warm and white, you still lack an oatmeal color this winter

When it comes to winter, what color is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the black, white and gray that never goes wrong? Or the eternal fall and winter protagonist camel? Today I would like to recommend a new classic autumn and winter color: Oatmeal.

What is oatmeal? Oatmeal is between beige and camel. It is darker than beige and lighter than camel, so many people find it difficult to distinguish oatmeal from beige and beige. The difference is that oatmeal has a little more gray tones than the other two. , So it looks more calm and temperament.

Why do we say that your wardrobe must not be missing an oatmeal single product this winter?

First of all, because the oatmeal color is advanced and fashionable. Look at the brands that are always associated with "atmosphere" and "dignity" on the show, they all love oatmeal.

Secondly, the oatmeal color will be more friendly to Asians' skin tone, and it is whiter than the camel color that everyone loves. Yellow skin girls can also wear it boldly.

Although the low-saturation oatmeal color is not easy to attract attention, and may even be ignored, as long as the color is properly matched, it can add points to the overall shape.

So, which colors do oatmeal best match with?

Oatmeal + Earth Tone

The simplest, not easy to make mistakes, and can achieve brilliant effects, is the combination of brownish colors such as coffee, camel, nude, rice, etc. of the same color.

Using different colors and different materials in the same color system can often create a "looks expensive" effect.

In fact, oatmeal is not a good color to match. It is most suitable for matching with low-saturation of the same color. Matching with high-saturation bright colors is often overlooked. The bright colors "rob the limelight" and cannot reflect its Sense of luxury and texture



In addition to the same color series, there are also wild black and white that are not easy to make mistakes. When it comes to oatmeal, you have to mention oatmeal sweaters. In winter, oatmeal sweaters give people a soft and warm feeling. They are a perfect match with white straight jeans and white wide-leg pants.

Clean and textured, suitable for leisure and commuting.

You can also match white silk skirts or knitted skirts like the sister-in-law Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, which will be more gentle than trousers, but not sweet.

When it is hot, it can be worn on the waist or neck to become a concave shape tool, and it also adapts to the needs of different temperatures.

Oatmeal + black will give a slightly different feeling, which is more neat than white.

It should be noted here that it is best to add a small area of ​​white embellishment to the matching of oatmeal color and black, and the area of ​​black items above and below the whole body should not be larger than the oatmeal color, otherwise it will easily appear dull.

Use a small area of ​​interior decoration or use accessories to enhance the color, the difficulty coefficient of driving will be lower.

The combination of oatmeal color and black and white can not only make the shape more lively and interesting, but also make the overall color level richer and more refined.

Oatmeal + Dark Green

Think the above combinations are too basic and want to try more challenging color combinations? It's better to try the combination of oatmeal and dark green.

The combination of oatmeal color and dark green is quiet and elegant, which will not make the oatmeal color lose its brilliance, but also make it easier for you to stand out from the crowd.

Although we say that oatmeal color is not easy to match, as long as you don't choose a color that is too saturated, it will not easily turn over. Single products like blue jeans can be used with confidence.

Caramel color is also a good choice, it will look more retro and rich with the oatmeal color.

If you are more bold, you can also choose oatmeal and red. It is safer to start with small items such as shoes and bags, and then pair it with a red lip to double the whitening effect.
After learning color matching, what are the most worthy oatmeal items for this autumn and winter?

01 Sweater/Knitwear
Autumn and winter sweaters are not too much to buy. If you don’t have an oatmeal color in your closet, now is the time to start.

We have already mentioned that the oatmeal sweater looks warm and comfortable. In addition to matching white pants, it can also be paired with straight jeans. With the details of accessories, the literary French retro style is easy to get.


02 coat

I believe that many people have several classic coats in black and camel. If you don’t know what color to buy this year, you can consider starting with an oatmeal coat. An oatmeal coat with online tailoring texture is fine. It improves the temperament and aura of the whole person very well, and is atmospheric and elegant.
Oatmeal coats are the protagonists in the recent shows of many brands.


03 plush coat

From Max Mara's teddy bear coat to Uniqlo's polar fleece coat, the popularity of plush coats has been unabated in the past two years, and finally girls who are afraid of the cold can also be fashionable in the cold wind.

Recently, the favorite color of plush jackets among fashionable girls is oatmeal. The long style is stylish and the jacket is handsome and casual. No matter what style it is, it is versatile.

04 Suits

The most practical way for girls in the north to wear when commuting in winter is a suit + coat, so an oatmeal suit is also essential this winter. The gentle oatmeal color will not reduce the spirit of the suit. Wear an oatmeal suit. You can also have an aura of two meters.


Finally, you can also refer to blogger Jaenne Damas' recent collocations. Buying oatmeal-colored scarves and hats, the oatmeal-wrapped feel feels warm just by looking at them.


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