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Five One-Piece Swimsuits This Summer Is Back

Whether you prefer the deep V-neck contrast swimwear of Louisa Ballou, a new designer from Central Saint Martins, or Faithfull the Brand’s latest retro-style swirling floral swimwear – Vogue tells you that one-piece swimwear is the most fashionable this season Swimsuit styles.

After the retro high-waisted two-piece swimsuit, the one-piece swimsuit has finally returned to trend. The following are Vogue's editorial selections:

1. Louisa Ballou's surfing swimsuit

Suitable location: Kiki's Tavern, Agios Sostis Beach, Mykonos

It is not difficult to see why the recent appearance of BellaHadid, who has just returned to singleness, in South Carolina designer Louisa Ballou beach swimwear caused a sensation. This Central Saint Martins fashion school graduate’s love of surfing inspired her to borrow a 80s-style watercolor painting (the kind that Princess Diana wore in southern France in 1985) for print designs and eye-catching tailoring. our suggestion? Pair with Balenciaga's wrap-around sunglasses and neon Nike Cortez to create a more sporty retro style.

2. Rudi Gernreich's hollow swimsuit

Suitable location: Amangiri, Utah

Rudi Gernreich, as the founder of the first ultra-high tailored swimsuit brand, has returned to the public eye because of the one-piece swimsuit. How to announce the comeback of this blushing tailoring style? Let the brave Brazilian model Kerolyn Soares and Vogue photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch shoot the boldest iteration of this large-cut swimsuit, which will attract the public's attention.

3. Faithfull TheBrand's Phoebe pattern swimsuit

Suitable location: Mezzatorre Hotel, Ischia

Simplicity is the advantage of FaithfullThe Brand, not a marketing strategy. The husband and wife team behind the retro style of this brand supports all local production in Bali, which means this is a summer product we can buy. Why do we love Phoebe? The square neckline of the swimsuit not only adds a modern feel to the tiny flowers, but also has a coordinated set of shawls, tote bags and headbands to complete the look.

4. Chanel's floral logo swimsuit

Suitable location: 55 Tepero Avenue Club

The £870 of Chanel's logo swimsuit is not cheap. This may explain why in many photos, people always use it and Loewe x Paula's biza linen blend trousers to match their daily street styles instead of wearing them for swimming in the sea. However, it still accumulates a lot of air miles with the suitcases of Danish stylist EmiliSindlev and German fashion blogger Marie von Behrens.

5. Domino swimwear by Hunza G

Suitable location: Halcyon Lodge, Byron Bay

If you missed the midsummer appearance of model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing Hunza G Domino swimsuit, then you can review it here. This wear-resistant pleated stretch jumpsuit (Rosie wears beige) is designed to attend various occasions. Although the brand itself is not new (it was originally launched in 1984), the Domino series uses The independent color tone tells the elegance of the seaside.

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