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Have a warm winter with a sweater and red lips

For women, summer is never sad, we have a lot of ways to show our demeanor, but in winter we can only wrap ourselves in layers of dull winter clothes. How can I escape all this boring stuff? The French woman who wears the most in the world said: Winter sweater and red lips are the best match.
Sweater with red lips is a winter fashion trick for French women

Wearing it seems to be an innate attribute of French women. When we talk about them, words such as "elegant", "glamorous", and "Easy chic" will unconsciously find them, and countless women in the world also regard them as their dream templates. Wrapped dresses, sea soul shirts, and shirts are common in their summer wardrobes. Healthy skin color and cute freckles are their most beautiful decorations, which constitute the attractive summer image of French women.

In autumn and winter, they change into sweaters. French women are generally more concerned about showing slimness, so knitted sweaters can't be more suitable. The red lips are never absent. French women don't like heavy makeup. They usually wear sunscreen and mascara to go out, but they have a soft spot for red lips. If French women in summer are full of health, then under the sweaters and red lips, they have sexiness from deep in the bones. This sexy is not exposing, nor is it pretentious, but the self-confidence with the simplest clothing and makeup. Over time, sweaters and red lips have become a symbol that can represent French style, which has attracted countless women.

It is not difficult to find a similar match in the look of a well-known French actress like Sophie Marceau. The popular French bloggers Jeanne Damas, Louise Follain and Sabina Socol on Instagram have long turned this dressing mode into their own personal labels.

These beautiful examples all prove that sweaters and red lips are the most suitable partners.

Why do sweaters and red lips match so well?
To get the essence of sweater with red lips, you must first find out why such a combination is so perfect. Sweaters are obviously worn by everyone, so how come they look so beautiful with red lips?
Autumn and winter, dominated by dark and conservative colors, lack color. Especially as a sweater for inner wear, everyone will choose more versatile colors such as black and gray, and the natural overall feeling will be heavy and monotonous. At this time, a touch of red applied to the lips is just right. These few examples will more intuitively appreciate the brightening effect of red lips in the overall shape.
When these dull colors are used in a large area, they often make the subject-your face has a low sense of existence and completely lose your personal style. This is one of the reasons why some people always wear basic styles well. . With red lips, the facial features look a lot brighter. Even if the face is not amazing enough, it will be more recognizable after applying red lips. Especially camel, a color that is not friendly to everyone, becomes much more tame under the effect of red lips.

In addition, I don’t know if you have noticed that a simple basic sweater will become so delicate on a French woman. What is the secret? It's actually red lips. In Uniqlo's Lookbook, you can see that Uniqlo's interpretation of its own products will always be more advanced and refined than the ones we wear, and there are bonus points for makeup. It can be seen that by making good use of red lips, the fashion level has risen more than a little.

In Uniqlo's current Lifewear topic, every basic sweater appears with red lip makeup at the same time.

Similar intentions can also be seen on the show floor of the French brand Ami.

Speaking of Ami, the sweaters and sweaters with the brand's iconic patterns are very popular recently, and the price is 2000+ RMB.
To say that French women will actually buy a brand that costs money, Rodier is one, and its philosophy is also very French: elegant and a little sexy, basic models, and good quality. Many celebrities and fashion bloggers have turned over the brand of its sweaters. The price is similar to the previous Ami. At the end of the discount season, you can also receive Everlane sweaters. The already touching price superimposed discounts make people unable to resist.

The French dress so beautifully, can the Chinese do it?
The matching of sweaters and red lips is so in line with the temperament of French women. But like other elements full of French style, when it's your turn to imitate, there is always a little bit more flavour. This may be because you did not grasp the core of this match.

French women’s facial features are distinct in color and have a little masculine charm, especially the eyes, which are very aura in blinking, so heavy lip makeup and light eye makeup can accentuate the agility of the eye itself. Red lip color can be It adds a feminine color.

Most of them are thin and tall. Their body shape is especially suitable for sweaters, which are loose and skinny. French women always pay more attention to texture than style when buying sweaters, so their sweaters do not have too complicated designs. .

Taken together, this constitutes a few tips that should be paid attention to when wearing a sweater with red lips. As long as the following skills are mastered, the Chinese can also master the combination of sweaters and red lips:
1. The design of sweaters should be moderate, not too complicated, and should have a good texture.
2. The base makeup should be clear and natural, and those with too soft facial lines can moderately trim.
3. Eye makeup should be applied hard on the eyebrows and eyelashes. Compared to flat eyebrows, eyebrows with stronger lines are more suitable for such makeup. Eye shadow can be ignored, leaving only red lips with a bright spot on the face.

Liu Shishi's recent styling has implemented the above Tips very well. Logo sweaters and the most basic styles of jeans are more common. The highlight of the whole body is the smart eyebrows and the lip makeup that matches the color of the sweater. In Chanel's activities, she also chose a similar look.

Liu Shishi, who usually has a blue temperament, always shows people with light makeup, but she is also very beautiful with red lips.
At the same Chanel event, Liu Wen also tacitly chose the sweater + red lips style. The big cousin with single eyelid seldom inks too much on the eye shadow, so she pays special attention to lip makeup. Girls with the same single eyelids can learn.

Looking through Liu Wen's style, you will find that she really loves the sweater + red lips routine. Looking at every look of Liu Wen, the red lips are appropriate. Sure enough, red lips will never go wrong.

Wang Ou and He Sui were also impressed by this beautiful and effortless fashion communication method.

By chance, I also found another lover of sweater and red lips-Angelababy.

The women mentioned above all have their own temperaments, but they can perfectly interpret sweaters and red lips. It can be seen that there are no limitations to the people who apply this combination.

Red, more than one color.
Red lips are not exclusive to French women, nor are they exclusive to women with a certain style. The positive red lipstick brings out the gloss of fair skin. It is most suitable for black sweaters. It is beautiful and cold and brings a strong visual impact.

The black sweater with red lips exudes the elegance of Hepburn. Healthy wheat complexion can be matched with orange berry red, which looks natural and vigorous. It is most suitable for the same vibrant orange and caramel sweaters.
The warm skin of Asian women may give a dull impression. In fact, only a little modification of the berry red lipstick can show a better texture.

Crimson lipstick comes with a sense of age, if matched with a retro-style sweater, it will reflect a film-like rich texture. In addition, crimson is also very suitable for commuting parties. Its calm and capable temperament is very consistent with the workplace. It can be worn with those slightly formal sweaters for work.

Rose red is a kind of lazy natural expression, not as aggressive as the positive red and deep red in front, suitable for more casual and relaxed sweater styles.

Compared with warmer reds such as positive red, rose red is the most suitable lip color to match with cool tones. If you have a blue sweater, you can choose to match this lip color. A soft and warm sweater will protect you, and a proud and strong lip color will bring you confidence and a good mood. This winter will be your best winter.

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