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How come they are more beautiful after becoming mothers?

I don’t know if you have noticed that female stars before and after childbirth are always more likely to attract everyone’s attention, such as Anne Hathaway, who appeared at the just-concluded Critics’ Choice Awards, after she was revealed to have given birth to her second child in December. First public appearance, wearing a big V-neck gold dress sexy and confident.

Although the bulging lower abdomen has not fully recovered, Anne Hathaway did not deliberately conceal it, but showed the normal state of the female after giving birth. She was naturally beautiful and in superb condition. She was once on the hot search.

This makes people think of Zhao Liying, who was also on the hot search for "changed temperament" some time ago. Zhao Liying's frequent appearances after giving birth make people feel that she seems a little different from before.

When I mentioned Zhao Liying before, everyone thought of words like "girly" and "baby face". Now Zhao Liying, who has been upgraded to become a mother, feels that her temperament is more precipitated, elegant and intellectual, calm and introverted, which makes people unbearable. Live to say "So beautiful".

Thinking about it carefully, the girls seem to have become more beautiful after giving birth.

Liu Shishi's postpartum comeback to participate in the Valentino show, this set of feather skirt dress is also impressive, full of fairy spirit, very suitable for her.

After Blake Lively became a mother, Blake has improved a lot in manners, and the whole person looks more calm and confident.

In the consistent perception of the general public, shouldn't all women "get old", "become fat", "become ugly" after giving birth? Why these female stars seem to be no different from before pregnancy, even more charming and beautiful?
In fact, female stars are not supermen, and they cannot avoid the "nightmare" that ordinary people will encounter due to childbirth.

Jessica Simpson, who gained more than 50 pounds during pregnancy

Kim Kardashian gained more than 40 kilograms when she gave birth to her second child. She later recalled how she described it as, “My body went crazy, I became so huge, it felt like someone took over my body.”
Even after giving birth, mothers’ figures will not immediately return to their pre-pregnancy state.

In an interview with VOGUE, Beyoncé admitted that he still hadn't fully recovered his stomach after giving birth to twins for more than a year. He had a "little mommy pouch" (a little mommy pouch), but he was not in a hurry to get rid of it.

There are also stretch marks that bother mothers the most. The famous American medical website WebMD stated that about half of women will have stretch marks during pregnancy. Chrissy Teigen, the model wife of legendary brother John Legend, once shared her thighs generously on social media. Pictures of stretch marks.

The birth will endanger the life of the mother is more than just talking. Kim was first diagnosed with preeclampsia when he gave birth, and could only be delivered by cesarean section. Later, he encountered placental adhesions during the birth. Part of the placenta is attached to the deep part of the uterus and cannot be peeled off automatically. In severe cases, it can cause maternal bleeding.

Later, she underwent three operations to repair the uterus and was able to get pregnant again. However, during the second delivery, placental adhesions appeared again. This time the situation was more serious, and the subsequent repair operation also failed. Kim was told that he could no longer get pregnant, so he chose the surrogacy method later.
In addition, another problem that women often encounter after giving birth is urinary incontinence. Ella Chen Jiahua once posted a long post on social media to reveal the sequelae of childbirth—stress urinary incontinence and bladder prolapse. In the end, she chose to have surgery and put a thread in her body to hang the sagging bladder. Improve the symptoms of urinary incontinence.

Of course, there is also Baby Blues (Baby Blues) that must be mentioned. Because of the changes in hormone levels and the new responsibilities of caring for the newborn, many new mothers feel anxious, overwhelmed or angry. In most cases, this low mood and mild depression will disappear within a few days or weeks. It may even become more serious postpartum depression. 10%~20% of women who have just given birth will be affected by postpartum depression.

Adele, who has always felt very happy, also once suffered postpartum depression

Gwyneth Paltrow suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to his son Moses in 2006. She once told the British version of VOGUE, “At the lowest point, I was like a robot and felt nothing. I had no maternal love for Moses, which was terrible. When I later looked at his three-month-old photo, I I don’t even remember that time."
Obviously, these issues that make ordinary people afraid of marriage and childbirth will also be encountered by female stars. Not every female celebrity can get out of bed to take pictures after giving birth, and not every female celebrity can recover their prenatal body shape within a month. They just embraced these changes, so in the end the issue of giving birth became an opportunity to make them better.

So, what can ordinary people do to avoid the hardship caused by these production as much as possible and become better and more beautiful?

First of all, with regard to postpartum depression that everyone is most concerned about, maintaining the following habits can help prevent: 1. Increase the intake of B vitamins; 2. A balanced diet; 3. Exercise; 4. Get as much rest and sleep as possible (of course we know This is the most difficult one); 5. Drink more water; 6. Reduce stress; 7. Don’t hide your negative emotions, communicate more with your family, and speak out your unhappiness; 8. Don’t feel guilty.

Secondly, with regard to stretch marks, in fact, stretch marks appearing during pregnancy are mainly hereditary, and another influencing factor is weight gain. On average, the weight of expectant mothers should increase by about 25 kilograms. Excessive weight gain will overstretch the skin and make it too late to adjust, resulting in stretch marks. Therefore, rather than using pregnancy as an excuse to eat and drink, expectant mothers should take reasonable nutrition supplements and take appropriate exercises under the advice of doctors to effectively control their weight and reduce stretch marks to a certain extent.

Fitness blogger Chontel Duncan during pregnancy and friends who are also pregnant

Of course, even if stretch marks are unavoidable, there is no need to feel anxious and nervous. Stretch marks themselves will gradually fade and disappear over time, and they can also be treated by lasers and other methods. Kim Kardashian once used medical aesthetics to remove breasts. And stretch marks on the abdomen.

Third, regarding "urinary incontinence", this condition is mostly caused by postpartum pelvic floor muscle relaxation. If it is mild, your body actually has a recovery mechanism, which will gradually improve over time. You can try it daily Some exercises such as yoga specifically for pelvic floor muscle training accelerate the improvement; if it is severe, please believe in modern medicine. As Ella said, the current medical technology is very advanced, and these symptoms can be recovered.

Finally, we also want to say a word with dads, please participate in parenting work with moms. Although I don’t know how many fathers will pay attention to our account, I still want to call on the majority of male compatriots to take up the responsibility of childcare. Only when fathers and mothers participate in childcare work, mothers can get more time for themselves. .

Everyone knows that Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng’s private life has always been very low-key, but we can also see from the two recent itineraries that when Ying Bao is working on the crew, the second uncle rarely appears in front of everyone, including the recent frequent events. At various year-end parties, we often see Zhao Liying attending alone, and both parties will always balance and ensure that one person is at home with the children.


Here we cue again to the variety show "Why are you so good-looking" that we have just complained about two days ago. There is a quadruplet mother in the show. She has to take care of the four children's living room every day and 15 hours of parenting time. Husband does not provide help for childcare but only focuses on his wife ignoring herself.

If the above may be that the program group deliberately created the father’s absence from the parenting session in order to increase the performance of the program, then this next scene may be more illustrative. When the program group was set up for both parties to confess to each other, the mother said "I love "You" is not what she likes to hear her husband say most now, but "Don't move, let me go", I hope every father can say this to his wife more.

In addition, we also hope that girls can correctly view pregnancy and childbirth. This process is not only harmful to the mother, but also has many benefits. For example, pregnancy can reduce the incidence of various gynecological-related cancers.
The latest research report shows that pregnancy may be an effective way to prevent breast and ovarian cancer. The changes that breast cells undergo during pregnancy and breastfeeding may make them more difficult to transform into cancer cells, and hormonal changes during this period can also prevent ovarian cancer. And endometrial cancer.

Not only that, pregnancy can also help expectant mothers to make positive and healthy life changes. Experts say that pregnancy is one of the most effective ways to quit smoking.

What many people can't think of is that having children can also boost women's self-confidence.
Mae Shoemaker, the former president of the International Association for Childbirth Education, said that when women realize that even if their bodies are bearing extra weight and pressure because of the birth of another life, they are still capable of many activities, they will feel more confident in themselves.

Studies have also shown that women will obtain new discoveries about their own strength during and after delivery. In an interview with VOGUE, Cardi B said, “Being a mother, how do you say? Things (many) are difficult to balance, but they are good for mental state. Like, if I play with my daughter, I will forget these problems and worry. ."

Nowadays, there are more and more fertility-related information on the Internet, and fertility knowledge is becoming more and more popular. This is a positive phenomenon, but on the other hand, many girls have gone to the other extreme of being too afraid of marriage and childbirth.

In fact, this is completely unnecessary. Scientific understanding of fertility is to eliminate the fear caused by the unknown, not to cause panic.
Greta Gerwig, a new mother, confessed to VOGUE that she was afraid of becoming a mother, but when she saw Cradi B sharing her pregnancy and childbirth experience and pain on Instagram, she felt encouraged.

Therefore, when you see women become more attractive after childbirth, you don't need to be surprised. Regardless of whether you have children, the experience that years bring to women should make them more beautiful. What we should do is to fully understand the possible impacts of fertility, treat fertility with a normal attitude, and make choices that suit us. This is a more positive and correct attitude.
Don't want to give birth, it doesn't matter. But if you want to live, you don't have to be afraid, and be fully prepared to welcome the new life.


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