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How to choose in autumn and winter, just read this one

Every fall and winter, everyone's shopping or matching will probably focus on the jacket-full of textured woolen coats, warm and practical down coats, they occupy most of the space in your wardrobe. However, the interior design is often a particularly important aspect that people tend to overlook. If you don't believe me, you can see that similar coats on the outside of different inner coats have completely different effects.

In addition, you must take off your coat when you enter the room. Sometimes it takes much longer to display the inner jacket than the outer jacket. Therefore, it is very important to choose an inner jacket that has a strong match but is good enough to wear alone.
Today we want to talk about this kind of internal ride. After summarizing, we found that these 4 pieces are enough to meet your needs throughout the winter.
Warm and versatile turtleneck

If you want to fight the temperature, a turtleneck should be the first choice for many people. It wraps the neck and also wraps the warmth.

01 Black is the safest but light cream is the most fashionable. Black turtleneck is the most common choice among them. Indeed, it basically can't go wrong, and it can resolve all coat matching problems.

But if you want to wear something different this winter, we recommend a lighter cream turtleneck, which can make heavy coats lighter, and can be used in common or special colors.

Recently, many celebrities and bloggers like to wear the same color with low saturation, and the cream turtleneck is an indispensable item.

It is also beautiful to wear alone indoors. It will not have such a strong "autumn clothes feeling" like a black turtleneck, but a gentle and delicate temperament. However, the only disadvantage of the cream turtleneck is that it is easy to get the foundation when wearing and undressing. If you are worried about getting it, you can buy a net cover :)

to modify the height of the body collar is the key. More people's myths about high-necked shirts are in the relatively picky styles. Let's explain them one by one and those who are not suitable. You can follow your own situation. selected. The thinnest is a tight-fitting turtleneck with a full high collar. It is very suitable for girls with small skeletons and thin upper body. It can modify your body curve without looking too flat.

But an apple-shaped figure with a plump upper body, it will highlight your swollen part more, even if it is attached to the skin, it looks more bloated

The half turtleneck that has been popular in recent years is similar. The slender small skeleton of the upper body will be very refreshing to wear, exposing a section of the neck skin can also create a sense of breathability, making the neck more slender.

But the neck is relatively stubby and the mandible is wide, which is not suitable for a half-high collar shirt. Wearing a half turtleneck, these will be magnified in particular, and it feels like trimming is all in vain.

So which turtleneck is suitable for a short and thick neck? The answer is a loose neckline style, which is often a lot looser than your neck. Contrast and contrast will make your neck thinner and can also modify your face.

"Apple Girl" also looks good in this kind of turtleneck. Knitwear with a certain thickness and looseness is more comfortable and thinner, not as cramped as the tight-fitting style.

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Compared to turtleneck sweaters, the round neck sweaters that are universally non-selective are not so exquisite. Because of the slim fit and the exposed neck, most people can easily control it, and it is also very easy to match. Small girls especially like it. You don't have to be afraid of being overwhelmed by clothes. The "breathability" of the round neck makes the proportions look good. Even the most common black sweater is definitely a basic but not boring single product. With different materials and colors, it can create different styles, and everyone should have one.

For some relatively special colors, the entry barrier for crew neck sweaters is much lower. The basic version makes the color difficulty lower, and wears more interesting

And the round neck sweater is not inferior when worn alone, whether it is matched with wide-leg pants or a skirt, it can add a touch of femininity to us and increase the exquisiteness of the shape.

Refuse to oversize fit style to make the best look inside

Even though the round neck sweater is not very picky, there are still some things to pay attention to in the choice of style. First, the silhouette should not be too blunt. If the material is too thick and stiff with expansion designs such as lantern sleeves and puff sleeves, it will make the whole person very swollen, and it is even more unsuitable as an interior.


Although sweaters with a strong sense of oversize look good when worn alone, they will lose their "slimness" as an inner wear, making them look cumbersome.


Therefore, our most recommended is the skin-friendly, soft round neck sweater, it is very good at modifying the curve, and there is no problem of bloat.

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Lively and age-reducing hooded sweater
If your wardrobe is full of sweaters, it is time to consider buying a hooded sweater to change your style. Fur coats that are not easy to control, check coats that are worried about being old-fashioned... You can instantly become younger with it. If you usually want to wear it more casually, you can use it as an interior.

Wearing a sweater alone will never show your shyness, whether it is a skirt or trousers, you can look good.

Sweaters should have contrasting colors to create autumn and winter layers.
Of course, the most common color is black, white and gray, but since the function of the hooded sweater is to make the overall look younger and more interesting, it is better to choose more jumping colors to make you jump from the dull autumn and winter streets. Get out. The choice of color does not have to be very bright and saturated. The principle that needs to be observed is to contrast with the color of the jacket. Even the basic neutral color can look lively if the contrast with the coat is large enough.

The red hooded sweater is also very suitable for Asian women, even if you wear black, it can also improve your complexion.

Light pink, lake blue and other colors that are friendly to yellow skin are also good choices, and they are rarely seen on the streets in autumn and winter.

Too street styles have higher requirements for proportions.
Many European and American bloggers like to use hooded sweaters with sports pants of the same color as the inner wear, which looks very street-like. But after going through a lot of street shots, we found that this style of dressing is too demanding on the figure, unless you have a good proportion, otherwise it will look a little sloppy.

Hooded sweaters that are too long or too loose are not suitable for inner wear. Because the sweater itself gives people a casual and loose feeling, styles that do not highlight the proportions will magnify this point even more and not show the figure.

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Fashionable shirts are
commonly used items in spring and summer, and shirts appear in winter to become more special and innovative. So don't rush to put the shirts in the bottom of the box, you can use them in the styling and become the finishing touch.
A variety of wearing methods to create a sense of stacking style First of all, the shirt can be stacked with the two kinds of sweaters mentioned above. Many street shots will wear a black and white turtleneck on the innermost layer. Put on a shirt on the outside, unbutton a few buttons, and put on a coat to make it fashionable and warm.

Or you can use the knitted sweater as an accessory and tie a knot on your chest, which is a good highlight on your body.

The basic color is very beautiful. Silk shirts are more fashionable. If you consider practicality, the basic neutral color shirts or striped and checked shirts are of course the most versatile. They can bring more texture to the coat and are comfortable and elegant when the coat is taken off.

But if you are considering matching, in fact, printed shirts are better styling items. The autumn and winter coats are dominated by dark pure colors, with faint patterns showing through, and the contrast is very style.

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