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How to wear the hottest jacket this winter to look good

In the past two days, the temperature in Beijing has cooled again. Many girls expressed that they did not want to put on monotonous down jackets to compromise with the cold winter. In fact, in addition to down jackets, you have another choice this winter-a lamb coat, which has both temperature and Fashionable.

This jacket has quickly become the hottest item this year. Maybe one day you suddenly discovered: Huh? Why are people around me wearing it~

Speaking of it, lamb wool coats have been on the rise in the past two years, and many celebrities and fashion bloggers have already put on them.

The most popular is MaxMara's teddy bear coat. From Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Yoyo Cao and Chiara Ferragni are wearing it, almost everyone has one, and the appearance rate is no less than 10,000.

So this year, these plush jackets have changed more appearances, they look warm, cold and windproof, and most importantly, they have become more fashionable.


So we collected the opinions of several readers offline, and found that for the plush coat, everyone's most concerned question is: how to wear it so as not to be bloated?

Did you choose the right style?

Maybe you are hesitant to say that you want a warm and fashionable lamb wool coat, but you don't know how to choose, long or short? Dark or light? Long pile or short pile? Then the following 3 tips may help you, you might as well give it a try:

01 If you want to be warm, choose a long one

The most important function of a winter coat is to keep warm. If you are very afraid of the cold, a long lamb velvet coat can solve the temperature problem, and because of the length, it is easy to wear out of the aura.

However, because the lamb velvet jacket itself is relatively thick and heavy, once the length is too long, it will easily make people look bloated. For example, in the picture below, if the coat is as long as the ankle, the whole person will feel overwhelmed by clothes.

In fact, leave a little room between the bottom of the jacket and the ankles, exposing the slender calf, so that it can match with a sense of breathing, but it can optimize the body proportion very well.

you want to look thin, choose a short one

For small girls and slightly fat girls, the best choice of lamb velvet jacket is short, because it does not pick a figure, if you have to say that you wear a plush jacket like a bear, then you wear a short jacket It must be a "slim little bear"~

Like Caroline Daur and Aimee Song, these two off-white fleece short coats are soft and light, super warm, and the price is more beautiful. One is from Loewe and the other is from Mango. You can tell by looking at the color, it is a must for a good match. Zara has many similar models in different colors, and the price ranges from 600-800 yuan.

Not long ago, Liu Wen wore a black and a brown one, which were also paired with light-colored knickers and black short boots, which were warm and rusty.

This one shot by Hyuna for PUMA is also a fleece style, and it is also very popular recently. The official Korean website sells for almost RMB 830.

Chung Chuxi recently wore a green apple green color in the airport styling, with casual sports pants and shoes, which is also more colorful. Her coat is from X-Girl.


The motorcycle lamb wool coat is a hot style in the past two years. The lamb wool lining is combined with leather or suede, and you can easily go out with a simple sweater or sweater of the same color inside.

03 These are also good-looking, but you are not recommended to buy

The first is the Oversize and plush models. If you are not in the northeast or concave shape, you don't need to consider it, because you are likely to be it after wearing it:

So when you choose, you must carefully choose the style and the length of the pile, otherwise you will wear it into a small hair ball by accident.

Movie "Monster Electric Company"

Another thing to pay attention to is the color. Generally, the color that looks advanced has low brightness, purity, and saturation. The most reliable and infallible color is milky white, brown or black.


Animal pattern items have also been popular in the past two years, adding a touch of wild color to ordinary winter days:


How to match the lamb fur coat to fashion?

01 Lamb wool coat + wide leg pants

A few days ago, we just introduced how to wear wide-leg pants (click here to review). It is true. Wearing a good lamb fur coat must not be without the blessing of universal wide-leg pants. Just remember two points here-first, refuse the complicated The pattern, in fact, when you look at it, you will find that people who can wear it basically choose pure, pure-color trousers to match, because the plush jacket itself is enough weight, too much decoration will only make the whole body more Heaviness drags down the figure.


Second, choose high-waist wide-leg pants, and artificially create waist lines with knitted sweaters inside.

Lamb wool coat + same color/contrast color

We all want to dress more special in winter, but sometimes, too rich colors are really not easy to control, but self-defeating. In fact, we can try a more labor-saving interior with the same color to create a neat and refreshing sense of fashion. Whether it is bright colors or basic colors, they are more concise and fashionable, and the whole set of shapes will never be messy

The color collision is good, and it is also very eye-catching. The most typical is the 50% color collision method, which is not too eye-catching and can also enhance the sense of style.
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