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I know you want to wear a white shirt most this season

Now I stay at home every day. My biggest "leisure activity" is to visit major shopping websites. On the one hand, it is fun to buy, buy and buy (or even just look at it). On the other hand, it is also a work requirement. Share with you the latest trends and good-looking items.

What to wear after the epidemic is over? I think, Shirts Always Work. If I leave, the item I will leave must be a white shirt. Regardless of boys and girls, in any scene, wearing a white shirt, the temperament will not be too bad.

Wearing a white shirt to travel or enjoy the sun at home in spring is very pleasing to watch.

In daily life, many fashion bloggers are good at matching simple white shirts. Suitable for the needs of various occasions, the white shirt is definitely a manifestation of one's own taste.

What are the popular white shirts this season

Although white shirts are always coming out, the trend is changing every season. Brands have been creative transformation, making ordinary white shirts not boring, even interesting.

01 From the fabric

Because the white shirt has the purest color, the focus is easy to fall on the texture of the fabric.

This year, the chiffon fabric with its own fairy spirit has been frequently used by designers in the design, such as the up-and-coming brand Kwaidan Editions, or Helmut Lang, known for its minimalism.

The looming hazy feeling can show the female body curve just right.

It also makes the original serious shirt lighter and softer. Even the exaggerated sleeve design is not too cumbersome visually, but it is soft and delicate.

Speaking of lightness, Valentino's feather white shirt this season is also impressive.

Secondly, the silk material of the temperament model appeared in the show very frequently.

But most of them are bright colors, good-looking is good-looking, but not easy to match and easy to show black, not suitable for yellow leather.

It is completely different if it is replaced with white. It comes with a shell-like gloss, as if special effects have been added, and the temperament is suddenly highlighted.

Especially in the sun, after different light refraction, it presents a flowing texture like jewelry, which is very gorgeous.

Abandoning the previous boring version from the details, the detail transformation of shirts this season has become more and more colorful.

For example, the collar is called the "soul" of a shirt. The stand-up collar is extraordinarily intellectual and elegant, while the pointed collar is more cool and fashionable.

According to my observations, the most popular nowadays is a variety of large collars, which are selected well, can show a small face, show shoulder width, and effectively improve the head to shoulder ratio.

For example, Miu Miu's 2020 early spring vacation series, the design of large lapel + deep V + puff sleeve, also has a sense of cuteness in the second dimension.

In addition, to cater to the retro style craze in recent years, the square collar + puff sleeve design is especially hot.

The palace-like sleeves and neckline, coupled with the waist design, are a little sexy and very girly, and they are very age-reducing.

More design styles, such as hierarchical pleated sleeves, asymmetrical slanted placket, etc. The two impressive pieces are from Toteme, making ordinary white shirts unique.

03 From the pattern

Floral shirts are easy to be too gorgeous, and large-color shirts are slightly high-profile. If I want to add some printing embellishments to white floral shirts, I would prefer neutral lines or irregular patterns.

Irregular simple strokes, simple yet interesting, and artistic atmosphere, make the original boring commuter basic items suddenly become colorful.

Embroidered small text on white shirts is also a popular practice this season. However, the more abstract or complex the pattern, the more eye-catching personality, especially attention should be paid to subtraction when matching, otherwise it will easily appear chaotic.

How many ways to wear
a white shirt during the transitional seasons, I will always keep a white shirt by my side. It can be worn alone when it is hot, and it can be stacked when it is cold. It is very easy to use. As for how to wear white shirts to look good, in general, don't dress too well, but reflect a relaxed atmosphere.

The most common way of dressing in cold weather is "turtleneck sweater + shirt" to create a capable workplace female style.

Or the lace that reveals the cuffs or the long sleeves, with white embellishment, can avoid the dullness of winter.

Add the stacking of necklaces, earrings, sunglasses and other accessories to make the overall look more layered.

When the weather picks up, a loose white shirt is wonderful to wear alone.

Finally, here are some useful tips to teach you how to take care of your favorite shirt. White shirts are very expensive. If they are not carefully maintained, they are easy to turn yellow and deformed. In the previous article (those who are really fashionable wear white in winter), there are many ways to clean white clothes.

Secondly, in view of the problem that white shirt material is easy to wrinkle, frequent use of steam iron can easily cause fabric damage. It is recommended to use some wrinkle-removing sprays for clothing, just spray it towards the crease, pat to air or dry, and you can easily remove wrinkles on clothing and fabrics.

THE LAUNDRESS Clothes wrinkle spray

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