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Miniskirt inspiration: 6 best miniskirt moments of Kim Petras

"I want the designer of all my clothes," Petras sang in I Don't Want It At All—she is the pop star who speaks it out and wears it. Today, Vogue analyzes her iconic fashion moments through six short skirt highlights.

In the "swinging sixties" (represented by designers such as Mary Quant and André Courrèges), the skirts were gradually raised, and it was the miniskirt that eroded the thigh that became the sign of the beginning of social change. At the time, the miniskirt caused controversy because it provided convenience for women with bare skin-this concept has been completely out of date in 2019, and the miniskirt has once again returned to our field of vision.

Today, the high skirt is inspired by one of the most charming new sounds of pop music. A star who explained to Vogue that "the pleasure of guilt does not exist"[1], Kim Petras is the fashionable voice that is popular now, because she said it and wore it. Look like. This means: exciting colors, abrupt collision prints and improved skirts, which are quickly becoming her hallmarks.

Today, Vogue counted six times when Kim Petras set an example for higher skirts.

1. Asymmetrical mini skirt

At the first MTV music video awards ceremony she participated in in 2018, Petras brought out an asymmetrical sleeve neon pink tiger pattern that just came off the Jeremy Scott Jeremy Scott Resort 2019 Moschino T stage dress. detail? Spiked white earrings and her characteristic skewed bun.

2. Cartoon kitsch

To celebrate the Powerpuff Girls series launched by Christian Cowan in March 2019, Petras Petras dressed part of the cartoon superhero as a lilac feather mini skirt with purple tights (and bright yellow s hair).

3. Dark, tailor-made plaid outfit

Petras brought a Gothic look on Cher Horowitz's Cher Horowitz checkered ignorant appearance and appeared at the Equality California Awards Ceremony in Los Angeles in September this year. With vampire-like lip makeup and smoky eye makeup.

4. Color matching coordinates

Petras Patras wears jackets and skirts full of logos from Jeremy Scott's Fall/Winter 2018 collection, paired with neon earrings and high heels, bringing her inner 80s pop star to New York Fashion Week Designer's spring/summer 2019 fashion show.

5. Loose suit jacket

"I want the designer of all my clothes," Petras declared in the debut single I Don't Want It At All. Then came the musician's appearance on Marc Jacobs' Spring/Summer 2019 show (her favorite designer), where Petras Petras wore an off-shoulder jacket and hateful embellishments. High heels playing.

6. Shortened cycling skirt

At an event in Brooklyn in 2018, Petras paired a tunic suit jacket with cycling shorts and iconic shoes to set an example for more.

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