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Once the most \"earth\" leggings are now so fashionable?

Today, we are going to talk about the "life-renewing artifact" for girls in winter-Leggings. Generally speaking, the biggest function of leggings is to keep warm and practical. Few people can associate it with fashion, which has a lot to do with its application scenarios.

For example, there is always a piece of leggings when exercising.

Or, like Kim Kardasian, it’s comfortable to wear at home.

A few days ago on Halloween, Irina Shayk and her daughter dressed up as Mickey Mouse. The Burberry trench coat and polka dot skirt with a pair of leggings are also cute and cute.

However, now leggings have stepped out of the category of "priming" and are becoming more and more fashionable items.

This can be confirmed from the fashion week street shooting. Whether it is good or not, let's not say whether the average person can control it. Leggings are often the brightest part of the whole set.

Stars also go out on the street every day. Wearing a sweater and denim jacket like Kaia Gerber is youthful and vigorous, and Victoria Beckham is no problem wearing it to work.

Someone has said that there can be more than 20 black leggings in a girl’s wardrobe:

Thin, thick, velvet, high-waisted, stepped, quarter-length, ninth-length, knitted, smooth, cotton, nylon, velvet, imitation leather...

There are too many choices. How to choose the one that suits you requires wisdom.

How to choose Leggings

Before you can wear leggings, you must first know how to choose. Buying according to actual needs is a prerequisite for the right wear. The first thing that everyone cares about in winter is to keep warm. The warmth and thickness of Leggings can be seen from the "D" on the package. D is Denier, the unit of fiber fineness. Generally, the larger the D, the thicker and warmer. Generally, we wear 5D-20D in summer, which is relatively thin and transparent. If you go up to 80D, it will gradually become impenetrable. It is best to choose 120D or more in cold autumn and winter. The thickness of 300D is about the same as that of a thin sweater, and thicker may be more bloated and more suitable for late winter.

But "D" does not completely determine the degree of warmth, it also depends on the material used. The exercise function, perspiration, extensibility, and skin-friendly properties of Leggings also depend on the material.

The common materials of Leggings are as follows:


Advantages: the most soft, comfortable and breathable

Disadvantages: It is easy to lose elasticity and deform after a long time, and perspiration is weak


Advantages: has the best ductility and resilience, fits the body curve

Disadvantages: a little sticky, not breathable enough


Advantages: anti-wrinkle, good resilience, perspiration, antibacterial

Disadvantages: easy to generate static electricity

Advantages: wear resistance, light weight, no wrinkle, easy to take care of

Disadvantages: may shrink

In order to be more functional, most leggings are mixed materials. Like nylon + spandex + polyester, it is a common combination of sports leggings. If you sweat a lot, you should choose polyester with high content; if you just want to be more comfortable for daily wear, you should look for a model with a higher percentage of cotton.


Of course, in addition, you can also see leggings made of velvet and suede. The furry ones are more warm and more expensive. The leather leggings belong to the completely airtight type, and they are the warmth artifacts for models to and from the show.

How to wear Leggings?

What everyone cares about most is how to build leggings. To be honest, leggings should be fashionable, which is really not easy for most people. Let's talk about Leggings' high success rate matching program.

Leggings are not well-shaped

Why do many girls love winter? Isn't it because the flesh on their bodies can be hidden. Leggings are hidden under wide-leg pants or long skirts to keep warm and not bloated. It is the easiest way to operate. The thick black leggings should not be exposed in a large area, but a small part can be exposed, such as ankles. Many people have thick legs but slender ankles, which makes them look thinner and more layered.

Full body black with some details

Regardless of thickness, black is the safest choice for leggings. But the whole body is too boring to be dark, you can add some details to add interest. Because of the large area of ​​the bright-colored jacket, it will be very refreshing if you wear a black inside. The finishing touch can also appear on the feet, a pair of brightly colored lace-up high heels, which are both sexy and stretch the line.

Wear a pair of Martin boots

No matter what season, leggings + Martin boots are one of the best combinations. The slim body of Leggings and Martin's weight will collide with different coolness. Supermodel Tiana Tolstoi likes to add a pair of socks on the basis of leggings + Martin boots, so that there is an interesting layering on the ankle.

Printed / colored leggings wear like this

Seriously, leggings with colors and prints are not good at all. Stylist Lotta Volkova's red-yellow-blue-green contrast or logo printing may be fashionable and interesting, but most people may not be able to control it.

If you want to play tricks and are afraid of making mistakes, first of all you can keep a low profile in the color, such as dark blue.

Leggings with complex patterns and colors are not impossible to wear. The matching requirements will be much higher. For example, Xiaowen, pink leggings echoes with striped suits and brogues, which is very fashionable.

This season, short skirts and transparent leggings are a perfect match

Put it on the last one, because the combination of short skirts and transparent leggings is really not resistant to freezing in winter. But this is indeed the most popular way to wear in fashion week at present. Indeed, the legs of bloggers look more slender and more feminine.

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