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Pear-shaped body, how to dress the most thin?

Let me talk about what is called a pear shape first? In layman's terms, it means that the upper body is not fat, the lower body is fat, especially the buttocks and thighs. Because it is shaped like a pear, it is called a "pear-shaped body."

How difficult is it to dress a pear-shaped figure?

First of all, many popular items cannot be worn, such as the Biker Shorts (Biker Shorts) worn by the owner of a previous supermodel blog. The pear-shaped girl wears it as a "large embarrassing scene", and the original eye-catching hips and legs are even more enlarged. There is nowhere to escape.

Leggings, shorts, and short skirts are the same. If you want to wear them outside, you can pass directly.

Secondly, the selection of daily items is also very strenuous. For example, with a pair of jeans, the pain point of a pear-shaped girl is-if the waist is suitable, the hips and legs cannot be worn; the hips and legs are just right, and the waist is vacant. Finding a pair of pants with the right fit feels as difficult as finding a good love partner.

In addition, the material is very limited. Too soft, too elastic fabrics, there is nowhere to hide the flesh of the pear-shaped girl's hips and legs. The Kardashian sisters can be regarded as an hourglass figure, there is no fat on their whole body, and the effect of wearing such a soft material is still terrible.

How does the pear-shaped figure form? The main reasons are as follows:
First, it may be determined by congenital genes, and the pelvic bones are born wide. Second, it may be related to the secretion of female estrogen, which leads to a large accumulation of fat. Third, there is false hip width caused by sedentary, lack of exercise, poor posture and other reasons.
Because of the difficulty of dressing, pear-shaped women should pay more attention to the way.

First of all, the pear-shaped figure can be modified to
determine if you are a pear-shaped girl. The key is to look at the ratio and whether the waist and hips are larger than the shoulders and bust. However, even if you are a real pear-shaped girl, you don’t have to be too sad. According to the cause, the pear-shaped figure can be corrected by one exercise and two outfits.

Secondly, correcting the proportions through correct wear is also the most "saving" and "effective" way. After all, a pear-shaped girl seems to have lost more than 10 catties between “wearing the right” and wearing it wrong.

A pear-shaped girl with the same troubles, want to know how to dress the right way? Today, I have summarized the following "three rules of dressing" and "specific selection criteria" for everyone.

Pear-shaped girl's "three rules of dressing"

NO.1 The upper is tight and the lower is loose, and the
pear-shaped body of the crotch is weakened . It is not without advantages. Generally speaking, the shoulders are narrow and the waist is thin, and the arms are slender. As the saying goes, "S-size upper body, L-size lower body." So you must keep in mind especially when you wear it: give full play to your advantages and cover your shortcomings.

The upper body is not fat, so learn to expose your skin appropriately. Especially in summer, wear tight-fitting T-shirts, small suspenders and other top styles to show excellent shoulder, neck, and hand curves.
In autumn and winter, you can wear more V-neck, square-neck, etc. Like many shirts, you can unbutton a few more buttons to reveal the collarbone. Choose a loose style for the lower body, visually blur the fat crotch, thigh and other parts.

In this way, the thin areas of the upper body are exposed, and the flesh of the lower body is hidden. It is difficult to not look thin.

NO.2Improve or make waistline, highlight the advantages
No matter what type of figure, waistline is the key to success or failure in wearing.
For pear-shaped girls, the natural width of the pelvis or the width of the false hips causes the body proportion to look like "five to five". Therefore, increasing the waistline by dressing is an important rule to highlight the thin waist and lengthen the proportion of the lower body.
Like common short tops, matching high-waisted trousers and high-waisted skirts, the ratio is suddenly improved. This is also the rule of "short top and long bottom".

Like all kinds of dresses, it is especially necessary to choose a style that closes the waist. If there is no waist line, you must make a waist line. For example, blogger Bettina Looney's two similar loose white skirts, with and without belts, are obvious.

NO.3 Use color to balance the ratio. The
pear-shaped figure is not balanced between the upper and lower body. It can also be changed by the "obstructive method" of reasonable color matching, which is often called the "upper lighter and lower darker" rule.
Generally speaking, light colors will visually expand and appear fat; dark colors will visually shrink and appear thin.

For a pear-shaped body, wearing light colors on the lower part of the body will highlight the disadvantage of crotch width. Take blogger Jeanne Damas and compare these two similar outfits. Two pants with almost the same style and length are visually darker and thinner.

How to choose the most common item for pear-shaped girls?
01How to choose a jacket?

For pear-shaped girls, they have to rely on a profile coat to correct their imperfections. Like the popular Oversize suit, it is a good choice, the length just covers the crotch width.
In particular, the design of the shoulder pad and waist style is better. It can not only adjust the head-to-shoulder ratio, visually present an inverted triangle, but also highlight the thin waist and balance the "upper narrow and lower width" ratio of the figure.
The best choice in winter is to bring your own belt windbreaker, don't worry about matching, you will have a "waist" immediately after wearing it. There are also a variety of long coats, which can cover up your imperfect body with a casual wrap. Pair them with wide-leg pants and boots, and your aura soars in a second.

02How to choose pants?
Many well-known, wide-leg pants are an excellent partner for pear-shaped girls. The correct version is selected, it can modify the lines of the buttocks and legs, and the short legs can also become long legs.

But in fact, the choice of material for wide-leg pants is also very important. Styles with too heavy materials should be avoided, and styles with loose and good drape should be chosen.

The same type of overalls is also a good choice. Like many Korean girl groups, young models in Europe and the United States love to wear them. They are matched with various short tops, which are worth learning from pear-shaped girls.

Followed by a variety of micro-flared pants, it is important to note that it is not a bell-bottom type that is tightened from the waist and hips in the traditional sense and then loosened at the knees. This style is particularly unfriendly to the fleshy pear-shaped body.


You should choose a style of flared pants with a slight opening at the trousers, especially the length of the cropped trousers, revealing the slim ankles.

03How to choose a skirt?

There is a saying on the Internet that no pear-shaped figure can't be solved by a skirt. Indeed, as long as you choose a skirt, you can not only weaken the shortcomings of the pear-shaped body, but also highlight the potential femininity of the pear-shaped body.

Specifically, it is only a pear-shaped girl with a wide crotch, and a short A-line skirt is particularly recommended, and the preferred material is crisp. Wear strappy high heels in summer and long boots in winter.

For those with more fleshy thighs, you can also choose some mid-length skirts with slits, or a loose little fishtail skirt style to ensure free movement of your legs and add infinite style.

It is worth mentioning that the most "French" tea break dress has always been a standard feature for fashionable bloggers. From the V-neck, the loosely adjustable way of lacing around the waist, to the slits at the hem, it is determined that this is a romantic and thin skirt.

Many well-known French bloggers are actually hidden pear-shaped figures. Like Sabina Socol and Jeanne Damas, they spare no effort to wear tea break dresses all year round.

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