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After the winter, are you tangling about how to match the jacket and the inner to look good? In fact, an inner strap of the same color as the jacket can save you. This warm and high-end look of the same color is your fashionable weapon for various occasions. Let’s take a look at the most popular look styles of the same color today~

Who wear what

Celebrities are wearing

In "I'm an Actor", Han Xue, who has amazing acting skills and appeared at the airport, wore a look of the same color. This set of looks is gentle and fashionable. Although it is a skirt, it does not hinder the warmth. It is very good to watch~

This set of airport look of supermodel Dujuan is the most classic full-body black. The simple and neat style is also especially suitable for the wear of the handsome girl, and it is not easy to make mistakes.

Sun Yi's look girl of the same color is full of heart, and the details of this look are even the sunglasses and bag in the same color system, which is really eye-catching.

And another one who loves the same color look is Bella. This young lady not only loves the same color look, but also likes to use transparent sunglasses as the embellishment of the whole look, which is fashionable and up.

There are so many ways of the same color, but how do you look best? In fact, different heights have different dressing methods and suitable colors. Come and see how you wear them?

150+ lucky stars: the same color coat with one-piece skirt

The matching of the same color coat and one-piece skirt is simply a weapon for the little girl in street photography.

And with the blessing of high heels, the body proportion will be more slender, and it is also very aura. Who said that a small man can't wear a one-meter and seven-meter sense of sight? The key is to master the skills. Girls who really don't want to wear high heels can also lean towards the casual style, but they must properly expose the calf skin, so that they can have a good visual effect.

160+ looks of the same color, the suit set looks like a model

The 160+ girls already have a very popular height. The most important thing is how to use the version to modify the proportions and show the sense of sight of the model. Because 160+ girls can already show the proportions of their legs, and the look of the same color can have a visually elongated effect.

In addition to overcoats, suits can also be considered. This is a collocation that shows long legs and height. Casual suits of the same color are eye-catching.

It should be noted that you must not touch the silhouette tooling, otherwise it will be too strong to be saved with the color! In fact, as long as you master one rule, "all starts from proportions", so that you can combine the functions of the same color system to create the best look of the same color.

170+ looks of the same color, the most important thing is to wear a sense of luxury

Girls who enter this height range, congratulations, you can basically control most of the clothes. However, it should be noted that a taller person may not be able to play an advantage because he can't wear it. If you want to wear a sense of luxury, the same color with long wide-leg pants is your best partner.

Wide-leg pants that mop the floor are basically difficult to control well, but girls in this height range will look good on them. When choosing wide-leg pants in the same color as the top, try not to choose leather styles. Choose straight or draped styles.

There is also the look of the same color from the classic Chanel show by the big cousin Liu Wen, which is also a very valuable look. Girls can use their own existing thick sweaters with wide-leg pants of the same color to be very fashionable.

Have you gotten the same-color Dafa that is so beautiful and realistic? Hurry up and dress up and get ready for winter~

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