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The beauty is in the bones and not in the skin, I am not fat, but I am not in good shape

In the past few days, some friends have always complained to me that I am fat. In fact, I want to say that part of the reason is that you are really fat, and the other part is probably that your posture has deteriorated.

We all know that the order of perception of people’s impressions of people is from far to near, from big to small. Often a person’s posture can more quickly see a person’s mental outlook and life state than his facial features. A good posture can not only bring self-confidence, but also make others feel good about you.
Take this photo of designer Zizi Donohoe as an example. If you cover the facial features and look at the shape and posture, I believe you will still think that this woman is very temperamental. And if a person's posture is not good, no matter how high his facial features are, his impression will be slightly compromised.

There is a common social phenomenon around us called body anxiety. For example, we often hear many female friends say "I am too fat, if I can lose xx catties", in fact, some scholars have found that: women and men Anxiety about their body comes from different aspects. Men are more concerned about height and muscle, while women are more concerned about whether they are thin enough.

People always subconsciously think that as long as they are taller and thinner, they will look good, and they often ignore that health and the good posture brought with it are the most important wealth to themselves. Thin people are not in good shape, but people who are in good shape are often not too heavy.

At the Oscars ceremony two days ago, I compared the level of the female celebrities' photos, and found that those women who took pictures were not only shining in their clothes, but also in people. Clothes are of course a bonus. Item, but having a good-looking posture is the basis for winning at this time of competition.

Of course, there are some of them. They look beautiful from the front. Many problems are exposed when they are sideways. For example, the tennis star Maria Sharapova has obvious neck leaning behind him, and some hunchbacks. Supermodel Lily Aldridge has some round shoulders.

Stars and supermodels who often appear on the scene and pay attention to image are not a few who have posture problems. We are a lot of us in life, and the formation of posture is often related to our lifestyle, good or bad. Good posture will "glow". Poor posture not only affects appearance, but also affects our physical health.

Do you have these posture problems?

01 I am not really hunky back and waist, but hunchback and round shoulder

Recognition method: When the body is upright and the hands are naturally hanging down, judge the position of the tiger's mouth. If the tiger's mouth is facing forward, it is normal. If the tiger's mouth is rotated inward, accompanied by outward rotation of the elbows and internal rotation of the forearm, it means There are signs of round shoulders, and round shoulders and hunched back often come together.

During the period of staying at home, many people spend most of their time lying down and paralyzed, except for working at the desk for a long time. If they don't pay attention to their posture for a long time, they can easily develop problems such as hunchback, chest and round shoulders.

I believe that many girls with big breasts have this problem. Because of their big breasts, they are too embarrassed to walk straight, so they look like they have broad shoulders and thick backs, and they seem to be neither energetic nor confident.
Although Lily-Rose Depp and Olivia Palermo are thin enough, their round-shouldered body still looks sick and tired.

Many girls think that they are not fat, but they look like they have broad shoulders and thick bladder, so it is very likely that the trapezius muscle is too thick and is causing trouble, which is what we often call the "rich package". If the trapezius muscle is too thick, it tends to look a little hunched, and if you add the shoulders, it will be very fat and short. For example, Zhang Zifeng, especially wearing strapless clothes, will be more obvious.

Many girls like girly right-angled shoulders and swan necks, and want to desperately remove trapezius muscles. In fact, proper trapezius muscle lines will make you look healthier and more powerful, just like a widow sister, without affecting her at all. Sexy.
There are also many female celebrities who deliberately buckle their shoulders in order to take photos to highlight their collarbone. It is okay to take photos in normal times, but it is not good to form a habit for a long time.

Many people disagree with the posture of hunched back and round shoulders. Over time, it will cause great damage to the cervical spine, spine and the surrounding muscles. In fact, the root of its problem lies in the imbalance of muscle strength caused by long-term bad posture, such as sitting and standing postures. Defects, etc., many inexplicable pains in the neck, back, and waist are caused by this poor posture.

For hunchback and round shoulders, we can do these simple and easy-to-learn movements to improve:
1. Expand the chest

Stretch your chest, put your hands behind your head, squeeze your shoulder blades, let the upper back and shoulders feel the pressure, while expanding the chest, hold this position for 10 seconds, relax, and repeat five times, even if sitting at the desk You can often do this before.

2. Bird Dog

Next is the action on the yoga mat. Place all fours in the middle of the mat, keep the back flat and the pelvis still, stretch the right arm forward and the left leg backward, keep the hips still, don’t bend the waist, and tighten the abdominal muscles. Then hold for 5 seconds, return to the initial position, and repeat in the opposite direction, repeating ten times on both sides.

3. Superman

Keep your abdomen on the ground, face down, stretch your arms forward, then raise your arms, shoulders and legs a few inches off the ground, contract your hips, bend your lower back and arms, then lower your arms, contract your middle back, hold for two seconds and go back To the initial position, repeat this action at least ten times. This action will strengthen the gluteal muscles and back muscles.

4. The abdomen-to-ground style is
still the abdomen close to the ground, face down, arms on both sides of the body, palms facing up, use the hips and lower back muscles to lift your upper body and keep your legs a few inches off the ground. Repeat the breathing beat 10 times.

02 I'm not lack of temperament, but neck

Recognition method: look in the mirror from the side. It is normal if the vertical line of the earlobe coincides with the vertical line of the shoulder. If it does not coincide, the neck is probed. The greater the distance between the two vertical lines, the more serious the problem.
Round shoulders, hunched back and neck probing, in fact, they are collectively called upper cross syndrome. Neck probing, that is, head and neck leaning forward, is actually the most common posture problem around us. Due to the needs of work and study in daily life, we often lower our heads to write, swipe mobile phones, and play games for a long time. Non-parallel eyesight can also cause neck detection problems.
Mild phenomena only affect your temperament and state, serious ones can cause tension and soreness in the neck, shoulders and back, and even headaches, dizziness, chest tightness, palpitation and other physical discomforts.

Justin Bieber's neck probing problem hasn't improved for many years... In contrast, Hailey's posture looks much better, tall and slender.

The little fairy Elle Fanning is cute and cute, but she is always said that her head and neck are leaning forward.

Although it is too normal for us to have physical problems today, there are still many people who have always maintained a healthy posture. Once they appear, they can often stand out from the crowd.

Speaking of female stars with good temperament in the entertainment industry, Liu Shishi will definitely think of Liu Shishi, with a straight body, a straight back and a swan neck, which makes her body slim and long.

Ni Ni is also a representative of good posture and good temperament, and the photos are beautiful when taken casually.

Regardless of age and body shape, white shirts can wear a good temperament. The 54-year-old cool grandma Grece Ghanem looks no different from the 18-year-old us.

For neck probing posture, you can do these actions to improve:
1. Mandibular retraction

This action is very simple, just contract the lower jaw toward the neck, hold this position for ten seconds, then return to the original shape and repeat.

2. Head extension

Slowly push your neck with your hands, up, down, and to the sides. Hold each posture for at least five seconds, and then repeat three to four times. This action can help relieve neck muscle tension.

3. Rotate your head with your shoulders

After straightening your body, place your two arms on both sides of your head. Slowly rotate your neck and turn to one side. Feel the slight squeezing sensation on your back, then relax to make your body straight, and then repeat the other side.

4. Rotate the shoulder circumference

Turn your shoulders forward and backward in a circular motion, squeeze your shoulder blades for two minutes, and complete 10 rounds. This exercise helps strengthen the back muscles to support the neck.

03 My legs are not bad, but my knees are hyperextended

Recognition method: When standing naturally, the knee joint is locked backward and the pelvis is habitually moved forward, or when standing in flat shoes or barefoot, the foot is mainly weight-bearing on the forefoot (the center of gravity is moved forward). which performed.
Knee hyperextension means that the knee exceeds the normal extension length. There are many reasons for knee hyperextension, some are natural, and some are muscle imbalance and knee instability caused by wrong standing or walking posture.

Studies have shown that wearing high heels for a long time may also cause knee hyperextension. After looking at the leg shapes of Zheng Shuang, Xu Lu, and Lin Yoona, I found...well, it’s not easy to be a female star.


Even Kendall Jenner, if the focus is wrong when wearing high heels, the knee will retract and the calf will be deformed. If it is more serious, the accompanying body shape changes will also have the problems of pelvic tilt and thigh tilt.

For leg problems such as knee hyperextension, you can do these actions to improve:
1. Stretch the hamstrings

Lie on the ground with one foot flat against the ground and bend your knees while stretching your other leg. Gently pull your leg toward your body while keeping your hips on the ground. Grasp the back of your leg or calf , Maintain the stretched position for at least ten seconds, then relax and switch to the other side.

2. Hip bridge

Lie on your back with your knees bent and slowly push your hips up and squeeze your gluteus maximus. Stay at the highest point for five seconds, relax and return to the starting position and repeat the movement ten times. This exercise can strengthen the gluteus maximus and relieve muscle tension in the lower back.
3. The baby
pose starts with a kneeling position. Keep the baby pose on the ground. Push your hips back to a height lower than your body. At the same time, stretch your arms forward so that your chest is as close to the ground as possible.
To improve your posture as a whole, you can do this.
Taking advantage of the relative freedom of working at home during this period, you may wish to take a moment to pay attention to your posture problems. Doing exercises will not only help regulate your physical condition, but also increase your work efficiency.
First, we must correct the two actions we repeat most at home:
correct sitting posture:

Shoulders above hips, feet flat on the floor, knees aligned with hips, waist straight, chin aligned with chest

Correct sleeping position:

The pillow should support the neck and not the head during sleep.
Ways to improve upper cross syndrome:
·The computer screen should not be too low, preferably slightly higher than the line of sight. ·Reduce the time to look down at the phone. ·If you sit for a long time, get up frequently and stretch your shoulders to help stretch your chest muscles and avoid round shoulders.
How to improve the lower cross syndrome:
Don't wear shoes with too high heels, and reduce the time of wearing high heels. ·Don't cross your legs. ·When sitting for a long time, you need to get up and relax every hour.
If you want to improve your posture problem in an all-round way, you might as well find some exercise tutorials you like at home. For example, the few simple exercises we introduced to you today are from a set of courses by an Asian fitness blogger Joanna Soh. If you are interested, you can find Learn from the full version~
Finally, adjusting your posture seems to be a long and continuous process, but when you can consciously pay attention and adjust at any time when you are standing, sitting, and lying down, the change may have happened quietly.


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