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The most immortal and beautiful skirt is hidden in the clothes made by this man

Good high fashion will always arouse people's ability to dream

Do you like dreaming? Are you willing to spend a lifetime dreaming?

If you ask an ordinary person this question, he may think that you are sick, who can live in a dream forever?

But if you ask Valentino Garavani, the founder of Valentino, he might tell you: "That's me."

In 2008, Valentino released a documentary called "Valentino: The Last Emperor", which mainly tells the whole process of Valentino preparing for a high-end custom show.

After reading it, you will not only admire Valentino's gorgeous clothes, but also have a new understanding of the old Valentino: a carefree person who only creates dreams.

In the original words of his partner Giancarlo Giammetti: "I always leave the most exciting part for him to enjoy, and leave the problems to myself."
First of all, Valentino only does what he is good at, nothing else.

Valentino once said in an interview: "My dream when I was a child was to design clothes for the rest of my life. If I don't make fashion, I can't do anything. I will mess up everything. Making clothes is what makes me happy. "

As a result, he spent most of his life drawing pictures in the studio, and when he was free he would play with his little starling.

Secondly, the issue of work pressure does not exist in Valentino's dictionary.

Once, Valentino suddenly stopped work and asked to fly back to his villa in Paris immediately. The reason for rushing home was because the roses at home were all bloomed.
When the pressure is a little bit more, it will also affect the inspiration. Valentino's approach is to give the other half and the team to do it, and go on vacation by himself.

In 2008, Valentino organized a big show for his 45th anniversary career. This show invited a lot of big names in the fashion circle, held a three-day party in Rome, and a large-scale exhibition of dresses.

In the documentary, when everyone was so busy for the show of the century, the old man went on a heli-ski by himself.

Later in an interview on the show, he also said: "This kind of event will be there for the 50th anniversary, and there will be at the 60th anniversary." Don't worry about it.

Lafayette asked him tentatively at the time: "You won't stop, do you? If you retire, I won't forgive you."

As a result, just two months after the event, the old man announced his retirement. After retiring, he and his partner went on vacation and enjoyed a cozy old age. It was really willful for a lifetime.

In the eyes of many people, the desire to live a carefree life and to live only in a dream should not be possible. But fortunately, we can escape the world and pressure for a short while from Valentino's fashion show, and relax and dream.

Because only those who live in dreams know what the most beautiful dreams should look like, and use these immortal and beautiful elements on his clothes.

For example, Valentino likes romantic roses, so roses are the most common element in Valentino dresses.

Valentino has only one purpose in making clothes: "Pretty good, no matter how much it costs."

Because it does not consider the cost at all, Valentino will use a variety of expensive lace and folds, the effect of stacking together is the ultimate romance visible to the naked eye.

So until now, many people still have a special liking for Valentino's design.

In 2014, Lady Gaga appeared on the street wearing a Valentino antique dress, and she was a fashion blockbuster casually.

Since Valentino himself retired in 2008, who is designing this beautiful Valentino now? The answer is Mr. Pierpaolo Piccioli, an Italian man appointed by Mr. Valentino. If Mr. Valentino can dream dreams, then Pierpaolo Piccioli is someone who knows how to translate dreams.

In his Valentino, each season's fashion show is also based on dreams, but it borrows Renaissance paintings and poems to present it.

For example, he will use the Renaissance painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights" as inspiration to restore the colors and details of the painting on the skirt.

In the past, the gathering place of artists was also utopia in his eyes.

So Woodstock, the birthplace of hippie culture, can also be a source of inspiration. On that show, there were many bohemian skirts, straw hats and bold eye shadows, which brought everyone back to the dream of indulgent carnival with fashion.

Some time ago, Pierpaolo Piccioli hosted Valentino's haute couture show in Beijing. The name of the show was "Daydream", which means daydreaming. Valentino translated it into a very poetic name called "Chasing Dreams and Picking Light".

Those familiar with the fashion industry will know that Valentino also held a show in China in 2013, when he interpreted the theme of "China Red" with dresses.

Regarding the theme of "Daydream" this time, Pierpaolo Piccioli explained in a conversation with Angelica Cheung, the editorial director of "Vogue Fashion and Beauty":

"This time, I have studied Chinese culture seriously, while also retaining the cultural foundation of Italy. So they are a wonderful dialogue brought about by the encounter between two great countries on the basis of maintaining their respective cores. I named this series "Daydream" because emotions are silent language, and emotions are the bonds that can truly communicate with people from all corners of the world."
"And I don't want to define it as a simple Chinese series. On the contrary, I think it is one of them. It reveals a very original Italian style, from which you can see traces of the Renaissance, see the influence of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, and see very Italian elements such as brocade flowers and beautiful costumes."

When Angelica saw many interesting pictures on Moodboard in the background, she couldn't help asking: "I'm curious when you design or create this'Daydream red', do you think about what elements will be extracted from it?"

Pierpaolo Piccioli’s answer is: “No. In fact, it’s more to follow my feelings. Whether it’s fabrics, embroidery, etc., or colors, I value the emotional resonance they bring to me. There are indeed some on Moodboard. Paintings and the like, but it is more about the inspiration and subjective feelings they bring to me, rather than really borrowing from some elements."

For example, the few strokes of pink in the paintings of the African-American painter Kerry James Marshell can be transformed into a majestic feather cloak in Pierpaolo Piccioli. Both reasonable and full of imagination.

Angelica also asked: "So, the existence of the inspiration map just creates a situation for you?"

Pierpaolo Piccioli said: "Yes, they are responsible for leading me into a room full of beautiful fantasy. When I started to design, I already had the final picture I wanted to present in my mind. So I did more It is to find elements from my roots and my culture to fill this picture, rather than mechanically extract the content on the inspiration board."

So, just like the classic Italian jacquard pattern on the clothes of portrait paintings during the literary restoration period, it can be transformed into a blooming peony.
As Pierpaolo Piccioli said: "My task is to clearly present this picture in my mind to every audience, not just immerse myself in it."
And he also handed in a perfect answer.

If you look at the pictures of the show, you will understand that Pierpaolo Piccioli has some abstract concepts. In other words, it is not limited to a certain element, but a combination of various beautiful things. For example, the red used in this show is blended with "Valentino Red" + "Valentino Pink" plus "China Red".

Pierpaolo Piccioli calls this unique red "Daydream Red", like a dream

Italian jacquard patterns can be combined with traditional Chinese patterns, and are made with Italian clothing craftsmanship. The three-dimensional textures of some flowers are hand ironed, floating on the fabric, and are vivid.

The ancient Chinese crown was transformed into a bow knot encrusted with crystals under the skillful hands of Italian craftsmen, combining the imperial concubine and European elegance.

Another point worth mentioning is that although it is a show at the Summer Palace, the music is an excerpt from "Romeo and Juliet" "Ah je veux vivre" and Puccini's famous opera aria "Tosca Vissi D' Arte, there is a clever sense of conflict.

The most impressive thing in the whole show was Dujuan's closed look. It was inspired by the appearance of Chinese Peking Opera, but used a European style skirt, which is the ultimate blend of Chinese and Western elements.

In the interview, Pierpaolo Piccioli also specifically mentioned the location of the show: "The place where the show took place-the Summer Palace, embodies the long history and magnificence of ancient Chinese civilization. In my opinion, maintaining independence and mingling with each other is a treatment of two The most sincere way of a culture."

And the reason for choosing China has a lot to do with Mr. Valentino himself, because in Valentino's home, the most favorite collection of art is from China.

Two of the dresses are the same color as the handrails of Valentino's house.

Many scenes have restored the layout of Mr. Valentino's house, with special care.

For this show, Valentino rented the Beijing Yihe Aman Hotel. The hotel is almost completely closed for business these days when preparing for the big show. At the same time, Valentino also brought the entire team to Beijing, including the artisans in the high fashion house to try on the models.

As for why it took so much time to organize such a high-definition show, in addition to the continuation of Valentino’s tradition of dreaming, the interpretation of Pierpaolo Piccioli’s conversation with Angelica is like this-
"We started discussing it many years ago. The issue of diversity has also become one of the most concerned topics in the fashion industry today-how people can tolerate various differences from culture to style. For example, in the current street fashion, although we have launched integrated street It is the same as the traditional VLTN series of high-end fashion houses, but at the same time, it also put a lot of attention on the pure high-end customization."

"I hope that young people now have illusions about Haute Couture and Valentino when they are chasing trends."

Because these beautiful high fashions will always arouse people's ability to dream.

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