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The reunion is finally finalized! I can look at Rachel\'s wardrobe for another twenty years

"Friends" is probably one of the most memorable episodes of drama fans in the world. How much do we love this show? It's obviously been 16 years since the show ended, but last year a rare high-flush group photo of six people still paralyzed the entire network.

Recently, the fans have got good news again, and the long-awaited reunion may finally come true. According to foreign media reports, HBO has reached a consensus with six leading actors. The "Friends" reunion special chapter is expected to meet with you at HBO Max this spring. It will be presented in the form of a special program with no scripts lasting about an hour.

This is great news for drama fans. I believe that many people will have the habit of opening "Friends" as long as they are okay or in a bad mood. Even if it is just a background sound, doing other things in your hands will make your mood better.

And in such a special period that is easily surrounded by negative emotions, "Friends" seems more appropriate. Some time ago, the article mentioned Jennifer Aniston which caused everyone's interest in Rachel's outfit. Today we decided to write "Friends", hoping to relax a little bit if you are still at home or bored or anxious or panicked.

How attractive is the dressing of this show? Designer Tom Ford’s partner Richard Buckley once told Debra McGuire, the costume designer of "Friends" that he and Tom would watch "Friends" every night when they ate, and Tom thought the clothes inside became more fashionable and enduring.

Fashion in FRIENDS

Rachel Greene, played by Jennifer Aniston, is obviously the most representative figure in the style of the 90s of the last century. Her wardrobe not only reflects the fashionable and simple aesthetics of that era, but also has an impact to this day.

You can still see Rachel Greene's shadow in today’s street shooting or on the recent runway. All it girls wear Rachel Greene-style clothing, leather jackets, suspenders, and tall Iconic outfits such as waist pants, short tops and turtleneck sweaters are still being imitated.

With the coming of spring, Rachel’s spring outfits 20 years ago are now worth learning. For example, wearing a long-sleeved bottoming shirt in a slip dress looks familiar? This type of stacking rule that can extend the season of wearing suspenders has been particularly popular in recent years, but Rachel started wearing it 20 years ago.

Rachel is a fanatic fan of bib pants, she can be seen wearing bib pants almost every season, but the most impressive one is the following one, a pair of casual bib shorts with navy blue jacket and sneakers. Imagine dressing like this when you go outing in the suburbs in the spring season. Isn’t it casual and fashionable?

If one of Rachel’s iconic outfits must be chosen throughout the play, it must be a mini skirt. Rachel Greene has shown her different styles of miniskirts in every season. It can be said that she taught us how to make miniskirts attractive in any weather.

In the previous seasons of "Friends", Rachel’s commuter dresses were mostly in the same color, but in the choice of colors, she would not only indulge in black, white and gray. This blue and purple buttoned jacket and skirt suit is just Capable and fashionable, very brilliant. Knee-length boots have also been very popular in the past two years. Not surprisingly, this is another iconic item of Rachel Greene.

In a total of 236 episodes of the ten seasons of "Friends", Rachel Greene showed a total of 703 different looks, and among these 703 looks, the most popular one is this yellow chest-wrapped tight skirt.

Costume designer Debra McGuire once revealed in an interview that until now, she still receives countless emails asking about a certain piece of clothing in her play, and this is the one that is most frequently asked.

In addition to clothing, there are actually many interesting stories about "Friends" that are not known to most people. Why don't you try the following Fun Facts about "Friends"? See what a senior friends fan you are~

Fun Facts about FRIENDS

01. Before the broadcast of "Friends", director Jimmy Burrows took the six leading actors to Las Vegas for a vacation, invited them to a formal dinner, and then told the leading actors that he believed in the show It will be a great success and the lives of the six of them will be different from now on. He said, “This world may be very complicated and dark, so you must gather together to take care of each other”, and then throw them a few hundred A dollar, "Now go to the casino and have fun, because this will be the last time in your life you can go in and out of the casino without being recognized."

Later, they really failed to do that again.

02. What most people may not have noticed is that in the first season of "Friends" Rachel actually had a uniform when working as a waiter in a cafe. Throughout the first season, she would wear a cowboy whenever she was at work. Top, and this is actually Central Perk's uniform.

03. In the fourth season, Rachel had a crush on a customer Joshua while working at Bloomingdales. The actor who played the customer was Tate Donovan. He also dated with Jennifer Aniston in real life, and the two of them were filming. Have broken up.

04. In all ten seasons of "Friends", there are many cameos of superstars and future stars, the most famous are Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Sean Penn and Winona Ryder.

Of course, there are some people who were not so familiar at the time, but now they think it is very dimensional. For example, the actor of Phoebe's husband Mike is actually the current "Ant-Man" Paul Rudd.
05. In the third season, when Ross asked who his fantasy is, Chandler's answer was supermodel Elle MacPherson. Domestic friends may be unfamiliar with this name, but in fact Elle MacPherson himself later appeared in " "Friends" is Joey's tall and beautiful dancer roommate Janine.


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