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The world\'s most popular ins bloggers buy these pairs of shoes in winter

Although Double Eleven has just passed, the temperature has dropped drastically in the past few days. Is it time to buy shoes again? When buying shoes, in addition to being easy to wear, it is very important to be fashionable. To this end, I looked through hundreds of photos of popular Instagram bloggers, and found the best and best pair of shoes this winter, and just bought them.

Very light-low heel short boots

Winter boots are essential. According to my observation, this year ins bloggers especially love low-heeled short boots.

There are two reasons:

One is that short boots can highlight the advantages of the legs. Generally speaking, the height of short boots is closest to the ankle, and the ankle is the thinnest part of the leg.

The second is that low-heeled boots are not too tired, and the heels are not high, even those who can't wear high-heeled shoes are easier to adapt.

At present, the most popular cat-heel short boots are Totême worn by Lithuanian model Giedre Dukauskaite and American blogger Christie Tyler, which cost about 3,652 yuan, all of which are minimalist.

Look at this pointy cat heel, walking like a ballerina. The popular niche brand By far has launched Laura Boots with pearly leather, and the stitching Karl Boots can be recognized at a glance.

But the most popular item this year is the shoelace. By far’s Lada boots have been carried by many IT girls. Emma Robert has almost worn the colors of the series. The brand Becca boots is even more exaggerated, braiding the laces directly to the toes.

In addition to niche brands, Marc Jacobs short boots have also been flopped many times, including various colors of patent leather. Bloggers Sabina Socol, María Bernad, Xenia Adonts have all worn it, full of a strong retro atmosphere.

Relatively speaking, short boots are relatively easy to match. Normal straight jeans and khaki pants are simple and fashionable.

Single product recommendation:

Paul Andrew low heel boots

Reference price: 3955 yuan (available at Farfetch)

MOL: pin lace-up boots

Reference price: 1392 yuan (available at Wconcept)

MENODEMOSSO Pointed Cat Heel Boots

Reference price: 1755 yuan (available from Wconcept)

Thin legs-mid-boots

This year's popularity is comparable to that of short boots. There is also this kind of thin-legged mid-tube boots. Dutch fashion blogger Linda Tol has changed several pairs since October. This pair of black all-match models are still from fast fashion brand Mango, only 694 yuan.

There is no reason why everyone loves this style so much. First of all, take the pair of Musier Paris worn by blogger Adenorah as an example. The height of the middle tube can tightly hold the calf and outline the slender leg lines.

Secondly, the styles of mid-boots are more varied, and there are various eye-catching prints. María Bernad and Aimee Song wear the most popular cow pattern and zebra pattern this year. They come from Jeffrey Campbell and Tamara Mellon, which are not very easy to control. But wearing well is the highlight of a suit.

If you don’t want to tighten too much, you can choose a looser boot, similar models. At present, the Brazilian brand Schutz is the most popular. Martha Hunt and Emily Ratajkowski love to wear it, about 2030 yuan.


Single product recommendation:
Ganni leather boots

Reference price: 3443 yuan (available on Mytheresa)

TUFEIS square toe mid boots

Reference price: 1753 yuan (available from Wconcept)

FLUTTER STUDIO stitching embroidery mid-boots

Reference price: 2201 yuan (available from Wconcept)

Increased comfort-platform shoes

The craze for thick-soled shoes has never retreated. This solid, wear-resistant and comfortable shoe style has been sought after by a group of young generations in Europe and America, such as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber, Madison Beer, etc., who have worn a lot of styles in turn Dr. Martens with a high national degree.

Reese Blutstein, a 160cm-tall "Freckle" blogger, is simply the spokesperson of the platform shoes. The same pair of Prada has several looks.


It is not high, and the upper foot of the platform shoes is obviously increased by a few centimeters, so that the proportion of the whole person has improved.

In terms of matching, the advantages of platform shoes that can be controlled in any style are obvious. Like German fashion blogger Leonie Hanne, choose to use a long coat and suit to match it, which is more elegant and aura.

Single product recommendation:

webwxgetmsgimg (1).jpg

Prada Cloudbust Thunder sneakers

Reference price: 8200 yuan (available on the official website)

QQ picture 20191120170643.png

Jeffrey Campbell Contrast Lace Platform Boots

Reference price: 966 yuan (available from Wconcept)

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