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They will wear better one by one, but she is the one who will bring the most goods in 2019

2019 is coming to an end, and various annual lists in the fashion circle have begun to be announced. Not long ago, the global fashion search engine Lyst also released the 2019 annual fashion report'The Year In Fashion'. Among them, the "most influential celebrities in fashion" list is particularly eye-catching, with well-known Zendaya and Lisa both on the list.

Zendaya ranked third. The 23-year-old, as a Disney child star, is not only outstanding in acting, but also in fashion. Every red carpet look is very exciting.

The luminous Cinderella dresses worn on the Met Gala red carpet are immortal and beautiful, which directly increased Tommy Hilfiger's brand search by 54%.

The Vera Wang worn at the Emmy Awards ceremony also increased brand searches by 33%. This dress was not so stunning when hung at the time, but it was so beautiful under the interpretation of Zendaya. The dark green dress skirt matched Zendaya's red hair, retro and smart.

As the only Asian star shortlisted, Lisa ranked sixth and performed well. As the KPOP idol with the most followers on Instagram, she has 27 million followers.
Cool and sweet, she has also become the brand darling of Hedi Slimane as the creative director of CELINE. A series of photos of the upper body CELINE Triomphe bag shared on Instagram also directly increased the search volume of the bag by 66%, and the ability to carry goods was not lost.

What is somewhat unexpected is that with such fierce competition on the influence list, it is not a fashion star or a well-known blogger who tops the list, but the British princess Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle) who has always been highly topical. ).

In fact, Megan broke into the top three on the list last year, followed by Kim and Kylie of the Kardashian family.

The fashion circle is changing rapidly. This year, Kim dropped out of the list and Kylie also dropped to seventh. But Megan, as the only person on the list who does not have his own personal social media account, has not diminished but increased his fashion influence, which is well deserved "The King of Cargo Delivery".

From the data point of view, this year's clothing that Megan wore in the public for a week, online search for similar items rose an average of 216%.
When he visited South Africa in September, Megan wore five shirt dresses, which increased searches for dresses in this category by 45% in one month.


Among them, the search volume for this Club Monaco dress increased by 570% astonishingly, and it was sold out in less than 24 hours.

But the most influential thing this year is the gold and silver brocade dress that Meghan wore on the 50th anniversary of Prince Charles's crown prince. It is noble and elegant, and people are really surprised. The search volume of brocade dress is within a day. An increase of 500%.

We have said more than once before that Megan has a strong fashion influence. Meghan and Prince Harry announced that the pure white coats they wore on the day of their engagement were gentle and decent. They were very eye-catching, making this Canadian niche brand Line the Label become popular overnight. The same coats were sold out in just a few minutes, and the official website was even once. Paralyzed because of too many visitors. Line the Label specifically named this coat "Meghan" for this purpose.
In her first official appearance after announcing her engagement, Megan brought the Canadian brand Mackage into flames. The nude coat lined her with gentleness and dignity, which directly allowed Mackage to gain 1.6 billion views in 24 hours.

In addition to clothing, Megan's ability to carry bags should not be underestimated. The Strathberry bag of Edinburgh brand that was carried on the first outing with Prince Harry in 2017 has received widespread attention.

After Megan's debut, the brand's revenue in North America has tripled year-on-year, and a dedicated website has been opened in the United States. In the following year, he was able to open the brand's first boutique on the famous Burlington Arcade in London. Brand founder Guy Hundleby said: “The exposure and attention that Megan brings to the brand is incredible.”

In addition to the influence on specific brands, according to the data, Megan also mainly triggered the search for color. It can be seen that Megan's fashion power is more reflected in the influence on fashion trends such as color than simply bringing goods. Under her influence, white, beige, and navy blue have become the most popular colors.

I believe everyone must have an impression of Megan’s classic outfit, with a gentle and dignified combination of earth tones. Megan’s beige Sentaler coat has made many people grow grass and feel that there is a beige coat missing in their closet. In just 24 hours, the number of people searching for beige coats online has increased by 164%.

The matching brown Stuart Weitzman boots are also very popular, so that the search volume of brown on Lyst has increased by 103%.

On May 9, 2019, on the first appearance of the family of three after giving birth to the little prince Arichie, Megan wore a white trench coat-style dress from Wales Bonner, which increased the search volume of the white trench coat by 46% within 12 hours.

A few weeks later, Megan, who appeared in the Trooping the Colour parade, dressed in a navy blue tailored cape and dress from Givenchy, paired with a Noel Stewart navy blue beret, which also increased the search volume of navy blue within 24 hours by 29 %. In recent years, sustainable fashion has attracted more and more attention. This year's fashion data report also shows that the search volume of keywords related to sustainable fashion has increased by 75% year-on-year, and denim and durable sports shoes have become the most popular items. Major brands have successively initiated sustainable development plans, paying more attention to the safety and recyclability of the materials used in their production processes.

Also on fire by Megan are the sneakers of French brand Veja. This eco-friendly sneaker is made of organic cotton, Amazon wild rubber, vegetable tanned leather and recycled plastic bottles. Its design focuses on sustainability. Soon after Megan put it on, search for shoes increased by 115%.

This sleeveless shirt dress comes from New Zealand brand Maggie Marilyn. Their family has always been concerned about the living standards of their staff and the impact of the fashion industry on the environment.

Megan is also very keen on brands with charitable spirit, and is very active in helping these brands "bring goods" to help them get more revenue to carry out charitable activities.

The black jeans that Megan wore four times during his visit to Australia came from the brand Outland Demin, which helped them make ends meet by hiring women rescued from human trafficking and sex trade in Cambodia and providing them with training to become tailors.
After the visit, Outland Demin's website visits increased by 3000%, and global online sales soared by more than 2000%. This allowed the brand to hire 30 new employees in its Cambodian production plant, helping more women who were liberated from human trafficking and sex trafficking.

The saddle bag that Megan has carried comes from the British niche brand DeMellier. For every bag sold by the brand, it will purchase a set of vaccines for the SOS Children's Village Project in countries such as Somalia and Zambia for treatment. Mireia Llusia-Lindh, founder and designer of DeMellier, said: “There is no doubt that Megan’s influence has greatly increased the visibility of our brand and further helped everything we do.”

When we evaluate fashion influence, what are we talking about?
The “carrying power” and the degree of attention it arouses are not the only criteria for judging. Perhaps more attention should be paid to the sustainable contribution to the future of fashion and the commitment to social responsibility.
With such a large fashion influence, Megan also knows how to make good use of it, to consciously promote some sustainable fashion and charity brands, to generate positive environmental and social impacts. It seems that Megan’s "most fashion influence" "Power" is well deserved.

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