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Those couples who know how to wear never wear exactly the same couple clothes

Life always has some sense of ritual, and so does love. For example, wearing a couple's outfit may seem childish but necessary.

In the fashion circle, there are many couples who can dress, from celebrities to fashion bloggers. In fact, what I admire is not only their fairy love, but also their couples' outfits. Just looking at them is very eye-catching.

Couples wear well, not only can increase the intimacy of both parties, but also set off each other and stimulate each other's charm value. So how can we make couple outfits look good and not tacky?

First of all, please get out of these misunderstandings
is not exactly the same as a couples outfit. Nowadays, many people still think of couple outfits, and the picture that pops up in their minds is exactly the same. This is not called a couple outfit, but a uniform. Not to mention, even the same style, depending on each person's body shape, the effect may be much worse.

Inconsistent styles If the difference between two people's styles is obvious, the sense of CP will be halved. For example, Veronika Heilbrunner's denim style with a printed T-shirt is fresh and energetic, while Justin O Shea is a gentleman's exquisite suit. Although it looks good for everyone, put it together, it always feels a bit unmatched.

Practical matching methods are these

see color
easiest and best way to do the effect is based on the color mix, a French fashion blogger of JS Roques and Alice Barbier daily outfit on leisure, commuter-oriented, neat, as we can Learning template.

First of all, the daily colors of black, white, gray, and oatmeal can be used on a large area all over the body. The two basic colors are matched together, the most stable and no error, and the operation is relatively easy.
For some colors that you find difficult to control, you can match them with the basic colors, using the method of cross-correspondence between top and bottom. For example, it is common for boys’ shirts to correspond to girls’ skirts or pants, or tops to tops and bottoms to bottoms.

You can also use color embellishments, such as choosing the main color of one party as the embellishment color of the other party, which is a more advanced dressing method.

It's easy to play with color contrast and it is easy to shine. Any color + white is a universal formula that is easier to control, because no matter what color you encounter, white can be easily digested, and it is also a color that almost everyone has.

Can't be exactly the same ≠ Can't have the same item
Although you can't wear the same item, you can still have the same item, but the matching must be in place. Seeking common ground while reserving differences is the winning rule for lovers.

It can also be the same style in different colors:

It can also be of the same style and different materials...In short, as long as the two people look different.

However, if you want to wear a lower-key and more natural dress, it is best to make a fuss about the collocation. For example, in the case of the same jacket, the inner lining can be made in different styles according to your own preferences.

03 similar in style

If you usually pay more attention to street photography of couples, you may find that style and temperament are the decisive factors for whether two people have a sense of CP.

Just like John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, who have been recognized as one of the most fashionable couples in the 90s in history, they use simple and casual style as their daily life, and they are still the style idols CP in the minds of many people.

This is usually reflected in older couples, such as Günther Krabbenhöft and Ellen Jamison, both of which have many fans on INS. They love each other and share common interests. Does it look like a couple?

If you add some echoing plaid elements to the suit shape, it will have a retro taste.

Different materials and styles have different styles. So this is why in our opinion, the combination of denim and suits of Veronika Heilbrunner and Justin O Shea is not as natural as the style of denim and denim.

Taking pictures like this helps you increase the sense of form

01 selfie in the mirror

This method is simple and easy to use. The same is true for taking selfies with a single person. Find a larger mirror, preferably a full-length mirror or a floor mirror. There is a slight distance between the two of them and the mirror, and the mobile phone can be held below the face and above the chest, which can be adjusted up and down according to their own conditions. Stretch out one foot and face the bottom end of the lens to show the best proportions. If you feel stupid to stand upright, holding your arms around the other half or putting your hands on the other half's shoulders can resolve the embarrassment of having nowhere to put your hands.

If it is a place with a good-looking surrounding background, it can greatly reduce the proportion of people in the picture, and you can boldly leave more parts above the head to show the environment. This trick is very suitable for travel.

02Nature capture

There are often many sweet moments of interaction between the two parties in life, which can be recorded by continuous shooting. This method is especially suitable for lovers who are not good at expression management.WeChat picture_20200309110518.jpg

03Put some creative poses
. There is a couple group account called Young Emperors on Instagram. Because of their wild and interesting style of taking pictures, they have become popular on foreign social media.

The couple are visual artists Nelson Tiberghien and Isabelle Chaput from France. Those who dare to wear and shoot are not only very eye-catching in their outfits, but they also have a sense of formality, providing us with a "high-end version" of the photo guide. Moreover, it is sweet but not greasy, and the conventional life scenes become interesting because of some absurd and funny poses.


In fact, couple outfits give us more of a sense of form, which proves our intimacy, but don’t forget that the person around you is always the most important~ the white hair and wrinkles that will grow together in the future , The figure that became slightly rickety together, perhaps for us, is the most advanced couple outfit.


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