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Trend leader of the season-the all-running cardigan trend

This beloved Scottish knitting brand launched the Reissued Volume 1 series at London Fashion Week, relaunching the retro styles of the 1980s, bringing you back to the historical beauty of sports and fashion

If Bella Hadid encourages you to wear an oversized cardigan (she matches loose jeans and slightly reveals her belly), you are not alone. Fran Stringer, the creative director of Pringle of Scotland, curated the Reissued 1 series, relaunching 21 sets of neutral-style tribute classics, inspired by the brand’s design archives in the 1980s-in In the new era, there is a "grandma trend", which is in line with the creative subculture in 2019 and the obsession with grandma's sweaters on Instagram.

Here, Stringer tells Vogue why he thinks it is a good time to return to the 1980s.

What did you bring back from the file? why?

We selected Argyles multicolor diamond patterns from the 1980 archives of Pringle of Scotland and re-colored them into the Reissued 1 series, [the first in a series of archive drops], inspired by myself in 1980 The childhood memories of growing up in Middlesbrough. My brothers like Pringle of Scotland very much, and all their friends are very loyal to this brand. They would get together before going out at night, all wearing Pringle-they all looked the same, just like a tribe. Their love and loyalty to Pringle of Scotland impressed me. I have been reviewing these memories recently, and now I think it’s time to discover the nostalgic history of this brand.

The connection between Pringle and classic sportswear is the most important attraction of the Reissued1 series in the new wave. How did British golf legend Nick Faldo become a fashionista in 2019?

[The Argyle] is an iconic sports pattern, especially in the golf industry for many years. For a while, Pringle would even feel embarrassed about the connection with Nick Faldo, but today we are really proud and gladly accept this connection. This is such an important process in our history. At that time, Nick Faldo represented our brand, which made us very famous in the golf field. We knit 10,000 sweaters in Scotland every week. We want to praise what this connection has done for the Scottish knitting industry, which is very important.

The Reissued1 series has replaced Pringle's 2020 spring and summer show format-what is the reason for avoiding this fashion show?

We are an autumn/winter brand; our British knitting products are very exquisite-we should shine in autumn and winter [not spring/summer]. In this industry, you are often trapped in the guts of doing everything for everyone, so it is very important not to get caught up in it. Since I joined Pringle, the fashion industry has undergone tremendous changes in four and a half years. Nowadays, brands are looking for their own way instead of falling into the "hamster wheel" of fashion week.

Joshua Gordon, an emerging Irish photographer from London, photographed the Resissue1 series.

How important is casting?

This series is younger. Our perspective on the Argyle diamond pattern is to commemorate the different subcultures it has presented in history, which is very important. The emotion expressed is "resist to the end", [the Argyle is] a model that crosses the class divide. The Duke of Windsor wore diamond-patterned clothes in the 1980s, but "outdoor temporary workers" (football hooligans) also wore the same. We want a truly diverse cast, so we include architect Awut Atak, skater Lucien Clarke Lucien Clarke, and rock royal member Lennon Gallagher. Kind of personnel.

What do you think is the sexy charm of cardigans?

This product has a wide audience. Photographer Letty Schmiterlow bought [Reissued 1 as it wasarriving on the shelves], and a 60-year-old American woman also bought four.

What does the new pursuit of Argyle mean for Scotland?

In Scotland, the knitting industry is quite prosperous and truly nourished. Chanel opened the Barrie factory (located in Hawick, an hour and a half south of Edinburgh), and Louis Vuitton has a large number of soft accessories made in Scotland. The things they make are beautiful, and they are really good at what they do — glad that they have not moved overseas.

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