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Wearing red for the new year is a compulsory course how to wear better

For the Chinese, red has always been a color full of beautiful meanings. Especially in the New Year every year, people will always put on this festive color map for good luck.

In fact, red is not just a symbol of "good luck" in our eyes. Under more cultural and aesthetic interpretations, red also has other different meanings. Or passion, or fraternity...

On the fashion week show, the red outfit is always the finishing touch of the entire series on the T stage.

Valentino's red is the most recognizable logo element of the brand, which permeates all products in the entire series.

In Valentino's Christmas limited series, red is a unique symbol of passion, elegance and poetry.

At various fashion weeks, film festivals and other events, celebrities always prefer this red color, which is elegant and full of momentum.

Just like white always makes people feel pure, orange always makes people feel vitality, and each color carries a certain degree of "subtext". The appearance of red is often accompanied by a kind of "power."

Open the search engine, and the red is always accompanied by various warm and positive meanings.

Obviously, compared to the low-key classic colors of black, white and gray, red is definitely a more "assuming" choice. And women who can wear and love to wear red are often Ms. Power with inner strength.

If you want to control this high-profile color, it is indeed unstoppable without an aura. So it is not that wearing red is more aura, but most people who can wear red are already very aura.

Of course, in addition to high-profile publicity, red is more like a strong and positive force for most people, making people yearn for.

And wearing such determined colors at the beginning of the new year seems to convey people's expectations and attitudes towards the new year.

So, how does such a warm and high-profile color fit into everyday wear? We may be inspired by some street photography.

People who can wear clothes must be people who know how to match colors. Quite simply, our first judgment on a piece of clothing must depend on the color scheme.

The color matching is comfortable and fashionable, the overall feeling is not too bad, and the style and details of the match are only noticed after the color matching.

Most of the colors and black and white are not "incompatible", but it is often not easy to shine. Red is just like this, so it is often used as an accessory to "finish the eye" in black and white looks.

With neutral colors, it seems to be the best way to open red. The soft camel, beige and the warm and bright red collide with a unique style.

With the same color system, any difficult color can be adjusted, and red is no exception. A lighter pink or a thicker wine red can make your red look fashionable and atmospheric.

In addition, clothing is not as rich as the color of lipstick, and there are not so many subdivided monochromes that we should consider and choose. Therefore, if you want to wear red to look good, you must first choose the right red.


Red is actually a color with a high threshold. The red shapes at the finale of the show are often bright and high-grade positive red, or elegant and atmospheric deep red. The general mixed red is difficult to show the texture of high fashion.

The dark red with a lower brightness is a red that is very suitable for Asians. It matches the skin tone of Asians. It is also relatively low-key and easy to control in daily wear.

The red color is more pure and corrected, so it often highlights the texture when worn. And it just caters to the high-profile and pure positioning of many luxury brands, and red is stamped as the high-end color of the fashion circle.

In addition to the choice of red and the color of the shape, controlling red often requires some skill.

Generally speaking, the visual tension of pure colors is always stronger, and it is easier to be more eye-catching in daily styling. So if you feel that solid red is difficult to control, you might as well try to add a little detail to the red.

Just like red with plaid patterns and other patterns will be lower-key and better to wear than pure red, the texture details of knitted products can also make the red softer. In addition, the greater the proportion of red in the shape, the more difficult it is to control.

This is why many fashion icons in street photography like to use red accessories to add a finishing touch to their styling, because it is indeed much easier to wear than a whole red body, and there is no requirement for skin color.

Smaller red items, such as handbags, shoes, hats... will make people still feel the red in the shape, and become the finishing touch in the dress.

In recent seasons, it girls have also been keen to use red inner dressing styles, and it is also worth trying~
In order to welcome Christmas and New Year, many brands have also launched beautiful New Year series.


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