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Why do good-looking people wear white sweaters

Every boy wears a white skirt for his first love, and every girl always wears a white shirt for his first love. White seems to have always been a wonderful color full of stories and memories.

When it comes to fashion circles, white is a popular color. All year round, from white T-shirts, white dresses, to white shirts, white shoes...Winter is the season for white sweaters again.

Not only girls, there are always so many boys who like to wear white sweaters when they open Weibo and Moments. Boys in white sweaters have a sense of first love and youth, and their soft and clean temperament makes people's heart beating.

And want to know what is the current popular way of wearing or the favorite single product in the fashion circle, supermodels can always find the answer in the street shooting of private clothes.

The most popular it girls can find white sweaters in their recent looks. It can be said to be as common as wearing white Tee in summer~

Alessandra Ambrosio also really wears the white sweater as a white Tee. It's cold, so when you go to work out, you can change to a thicker piece of sportswear. No wonder everyone likes to wear white sweaters as "winter white Tee". The key is that the matching of this basic item is really unlimited. But the salt can be sweet, and it's up to you to control what style you want to wear.
The white sweater is not just an option for the basic round neck, more and more brands are beginning to incorporate design ingenuity in the details, which enriches the choice of white sweaters.

01How does the all-match hedging style shine?

Let me start with the most familiar basic models. Although common, they are versatile and easy to wear. They are still most people's favorites.

Because it is "simple", it is easier to highlight the texture if you choose the right one. Many brands that are famous for wool and cashmere fabrics must produce this basic style every year.

Simple basic models are very easy to shine with just a few details, especially with this year's most popular necklace stacks, brooches, bracelets and other small accessories, high-end and beautiful.
Although it is a basic model, there are actually many choices of white pullover sweaters on the market. In addition to the choice of silhouette, you can also move your mind on the material and texture.

Moderate small hollow details make your basic white sweater breathable and "breath", instantly liberating the dull and rigid winter.
Oversized large silhouette meets loose thick crochet hooks. It comes with a casual and natural temperament, and the effect of mixed knitting of a variety of woolen yarns makes your sweater full of design from the details.

If you want to be more public, you can choose details with a sense of design in the style structure. The bloated sweater can easily highlight the waist and instantly make you look very different.


The hedging style with an exaggerated large neckline is a popular item this year. Hailey Bieber's neckline design draws on the polo shirt, with oversized buttons and a large silhouette that is chic and casual.
Switching to the zipper design of the neckline makes your sweater more sporty, and the soft material meets the vitality details to naturally collide with a more fashionable spark.

The simplest pullover is also asked by universities. Learning to pay attention to the details when buying can help you rush on the fashionable road.

02The old cardigan will be worn this year

Speaking of cardigan in the past, it was always automatically classified as a kind of outerwear, and even gave people a fixed impression of a dull home. It was really not a fashionable choice.

But this year is definitely a year of knitting cardigans. All kinds of fashionable girls directly use knitted cardigans as tops. This kind of cute and sexy way of dressing is highly sought after.

French blogger Jeanne Damas chose the round neck style, which is more French retro style visually, and it is elegant and romantic to wear with the French style iconic floral skirt. The V-neck style is relatively more sexy, with a mature age charm. The V-line neckline can also modify the face shape and elongate the neck line, which is very suitable for girls with round faces and short necks.

Claire Foy's white cardigan has received a lot of praise. The large exposed skin of the V-neck makes the whole face look small and exquisite. The oversize style is thin and lazy, and the details that are half plunged into the jeans are perfect. Rescue ratio.
A while ago, Liu Wen also wore a V-neck white cardigan at the airport with handsome wide-leg jeans. It neutralizes the feminine temperament of knitted cardigan, simple and chic.

Are you still using a cardigan as a coat? Come to get the new "fashionable" and button up the cardigan!

03 Why doesn't the high collar look big?

The warm and fashionable turtleneck sweater is now a must-have item for everyone. It is fashionable enough to wear alone, and it is suitable for subtracting autumn and winter collocation.
But the biggest drawback of a turtleneck sweater is that if you wear it wrong, it will make your face look big and neckless. Choosing the right style for your face is definitely a double beauty!

Compared with the black turtleneck, the white turtleneck sweater is easy to swell visually, but it is also very versatile, so pay more attention to the choice of neckline.

When choosing a turtleneck sweater, try to avoid styles that hold your chin. Like Jeanne Damas, choose a thin and small turtleneck to give the neck some room and highlight the lines.

In addition to tight-fitting models, there are also many white turtleneck sweaters with looser silhouettes, and a stronger sense of style when worn alone.
The only thing you need to pay attention to is that the oversized sweater avoids the tough high lapels as much as possible. The loose neckline allows you to avoid the stiffness of the neck cast.

There is also the "sweater bobo head" that is very popular in recent years. The hair is cleverly hidden in the collar to perfectly decorate the face, which is fashionable and special.

04The material is soft and light mohair

In recent seasons, Ganni's mohair sweaters have been particularly popular. For three consecutive fashion weeks, many people have worn them to street photography.

The soft and dreamy white mohair sweater is extremely comfortable to wear and has a strong sense of style. Many brands are scrambling to put similar models on the shelves.

WeChat picture_20191229140447.jpg

Because of the special material, it is often the hollow style of coarse knitting, and the texture also likes to change some different styles.

However, it should be noted that mohair sweaters generally have the problem of shed hair, and the comfort is a little bit worse than that of ordinary wool and cashmere. It is recommended to add some inner wear.

White sweaters not only have a wealth of styles to meet the preferences of different styles, but also are simple and labor-saving in matching.

The most common way to wear in street photography is all white look. White pants or skirts are used to match white sweaters. The modelling integrity is very strong, and it looks tall when worn.

In addition, as a wild white sweater matching, in fact, you can refer to the matching method of white T-shirts in summer.

For example, the simplest pair of jeans is as fresh and natural as easy chic——

The simpler it is, the more you have to work on the proportion of your figure. No matter when you stretch the proportion of high-waist pants, you will never go wrong——

Or play the basic vocation, appear in any style you want as an "inner
outfit"-on the basis of keeping warm, match with skirts and cleverly use the color matching method to create a fairy-like All White winter dress ——

Such an easy-to-use basic white sweater, how to match it will not step on thunder, people who heard that it looks good and can wear it love it?


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