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With a little change, you can take photos of 100+ likes at home

What is the biggest change that the epidemic has brought to everyone? As far as I am concerned, it seems that I suddenly became interested in home. Especially when I see the seductive home photos in the circle of friends, I feel that life is still full of hope.

Daily ins has also begun to pay more attention to the home furnishings of celebrity bloggers, like the homes of Dakota Johnson (Dakota Johnson) in Los Angeles that was publicly announced a while ago, which I like very much.

A two-storey small house is not much luxurious. It is arranged according to Damei’s own aesthetic taste. After four years of continuous changes, it is now extraordinarily cozy and comfortable and has a scent of fireworks. The barrage is saying that this is simply My dream home~

In fact, the decoration of a home can often reveal personal aesthetics and interest in life. For the fashion bloggers that we often mention in our push, many blockbusters are also done at home, and the home is the same as the dressing style. For them, a home suitable for taking pictures must not only live comfortably, but also be part of their daily work.

Especially some design furniture or small props often play a finishing touch in the photo.
So today, my purpose is also very simple, is to look at the homes of bloggers, and then summarize some simple and practical home "remodeling" tips, so that you who don’t have photos at home and send Moments materials to your friends, you can take photos at home. Get 100+ likes from the circle of friends.

01.Aimee Song: Mirror

I don't know if I check it out. In fact, before becoming a full-time fashion blogger, Aimee Song used to be an interior designer. The home she lives in Los Angeles is designed by herself.
It was purchased in 2016, and it took half a year to renovate before it officially moved in. The whole decoration process, ranging from the layout of the room to the placement of each tile, was recorded by her in the form of Vlog.

The whole home decoration is in a very simple and modern style. The floor, kitchen, and sink are covered with marble everywhere. The photos taken have a luxurious and cold feeling. My personal test is effective.

For her, because of business trips all the year round, the existence of home is even more significant. It is a place where she can relax and heal her whole body. Therefore, in soft clothing, the main pursuit is comfort and convenience.

In the living room, the retro fluffy Mario Bellini sofa can be combined with the carpet I bought from Morocco. I emphasize here that a photogenic carpet is too important. The carpet (and sofa) not only determines the beauty of the living room to a large extent, but I also like to use it as a background. Aromatherapy, bags, books, just put it up, you can produce a high-quality film.

The place where the rattan-woven wooden chair is placed by the window is probably one of her favorite corners, where she often shoots the whole body. Green plants are also a big plus. Seeing the cactus next to it is not there, it will be alive.

In addition, I also noticed her family's various mirrors of different shapes and sizes, each with its own characteristics. The setting of the mirror surface can not only extend the space, but also be used for various shooting ideas, showing off your makeup, accessories, and wearing details.

Changing tiles is a bit troublesome, but adding a few fun mirrors is very simple. The brand Naso has a lot of choices. The simple style of Nordic industrial style, cleverly combines metal and glass, is cost-effective, and the price is several hundred yuan.

02. Sabina Socol: Retro furniture

Many people have to say, now that the house price is so expensive, Amiee Song’s big house can’t be accommodated (it is true, too). I searched and found that the home of the popular French blogger Sabina Socol is another typical example. Her home can be said to be a very typical French apartment model, a small one, only 30 square meters in size, which is a small and exquisite representative.

Minimalism in a small room is difficult to show off, after all, the space is too limited. You can learn from Sabina. The bean sprouts green whitewashed wall, the mustard yellow soft sofa, the cinnamon powder large carpet, the collision of different colors brings a rich layering to the small room, and it is quite retro.

It is full of Dangdang's retro furniture that I bought from a vintage store. The lens looks very story-like. She said that most of the Danish furniture from the 1950s comes from a second-hand Parisian shop called Maison Nordik.

There are mostly furniture such as tables, chairs and benches, such as the Alfred Christensen chair of various colors, the famous "Fried Egg Chair" sofa by Hans Olsen, the medieval style Le Klint lighting, etc., can all be found here.


She also likes to collect all kinds of very decorative small objects. This is also true for me. Good-looking souvenirs or magazines that she usually buys during travel will be displayed as decorations.


All kinds of ceramics and vases are placed on the closets and cabinets at home. They are both practical and beautiful. Most of them are bought from the flea market. For example, the famous Saint Ouen flea market in Paris, you can visit them next time.


I was most impressed by the brass balance device of Kaja Skytte in her living room, which is similar to the overall retro style, but can change with the wind, adding some agility to a relatively small space.

For small items with similar designs, domestic friends can pay attention to AHD Studio, which has many Danish Flensted Mobiles balance pendants, the price is around 1,000 yuan.

03.Jessie Bush: low saturated pure color

I mentioned before in the outfit that low-saturation colors tend to be advanced. This theory is also applicable to home furnishings. British photographer and fashion blogger Jessie Bush is usually a professional style of light mature women. The color at home can be filled with a creamy white, especially warm and jade-like feeling.

Very good at taking pictures, I thought it was a taller 170cm, but actually a small one of 155cm. I often see her sitting on a chair or leaning on a table to take pictures and stretch forward on her toes to achieve the visual effect of leg extension. .

Various styles of chairs and sofas are indispensable in her home. They are retro, modern, and handmade. They are basically pure colors with low saturation, so the pictures are clean and advanced.

Even if there are bright colors, they will choose velvet materials to look more textured. For example, the Blanca sofas and Teddy velvet armchairs at home are all from Att Pynta, a collection of Nordic home furnishing brands. In addition to physical stores in London, you can also Shop online on the official website.

On the other hand, some very modern vases and porcelain often appear in the background, and low saturation is well integrated. Many of them are from the MADE.COM brand in London, England.

To buy this kind of solid-color furniture in China, you can also pay attention to the Coznap collection store, which not only has all kinds of new-quality antique furniture, but also represents many popular furniture brands, such as Denmark's Lange, Czech's Ton and Modernista brands.

The home of New York blogger Alyssa Coscarelli is a mix of modern and retro styles. The whole home is cut by line furniture and divided into different functional areas. In the choice of large pieces of furniture, take the practical and simple route, such as the emerald green Milo Baughman sofa, neat marble table and so on.

In the selection of small furniture, we will break through the restrictions and choose some unique ornaments, such as the 60s built-in dressing table purchased from The Real Real, the Faye Toogood armchair purchased from 1stdibs, and the Gemini vase purchased from Mellownyc. .

It is worth mentioning that she is very keen on collecting lamps, claiming to have placed more than 20 in her home. In addition to general lighting functions, lamps are more of a kind of decoration.
To be honest, although I would choose lamps before, but after seeing her ins, the level of grass planting has indeed improved. Friends who like it may wish to take a look at the lab's self-operated laboratory, which contains many unique decorative lights.

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