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With so many coats, why must there be a camel color?

Like many things, fashion is also "graded." This level is not equal to the price, the quality of the fabric, and sometimes the color can greatly determine your "high-level". It is said that in winter, a camel coat is a must-have for the wardrobe, and camel is also recognized as a high-end color, so why do we love camel so much?

Why should we have a camel coat?

1. Camel is the color from nature. For example, the land under our feet and the fallen leaves in late autumn are all of this color, and we always have an instinctive closeness and love to the things of nature.

2. The color that looks advanced, the brightness, purity, and saturation are relatively low. This is based on psychology. The color of high-grade color itself conveys less emotion. The lower the brightness, purity, and saturation of the color, the less impact on people's emotions, the more advanced it looks. This camel color fits perfectly, it conveys a sense of peace, dignity and urban elegance.

3. Compared to black and gray, camel is more "warm" in winter. Like camel, black and gray are also premium and classic colors, but they are more likely to give you a cold feeling. On the contrary, camel is a warm color, which is warm when you look at it, and it also brings a heavy feeling, which is very suitable for winter.

4. The classic camel coat will not be outdated for 50 years. As early as 1989, the American version of VOGUE launched the topic of "Camel Resurgence", letting the legendary supermodel Linda Evangelista put on all kinds of camel coats for blockbuster shooting. This set of photos is very fashionable even now.

When it comes to camel coats, many people will first think of Max Mara, from royalty to Hollywood stars, almost everyone has one.

Max Mara 2018 Christmas Holiday Blockbuster

Designer Anne Marie Beretta, who designed the most popular 101801 double-breasted camel coat for Max Mara so far, said that "a coat is a woman's first hiding place." A good coat is a shelter when the coolness strikes. The ground is also a strong backing like a partner.


Already knowing that the camel coat is good, then there are several most practical rules for wearing camel coats. Master the following collocations, and you can wear a camel coat with the best cost performance, and you don't have to worry about the whole winter~

American cool girl

Beige coat + denim

Camel coat and denim are two universal matching items that collide together. The effect can almost be said to be the "magic oil" in winter, especially the color combination of camel + blue, which will not appear mediocre and less boring than pure black, gray and white. The effect of age. At the moment when the retro is resurgence, a pair of micro-flared jeans can instantly bring us back to the 80s.

The walking hanger cousin usually wears a comfortable and advanced style, so the camel coat with denim is also the most common way to wear her. There is no pressure on matching ankle boots or sneakers, and it looks more reckless and friendly.

Gigi Hadid also has a lot of simple styles of camel coats and skinny jeans on the way to work. She is very good at using small accessories to enhance the sense of fashion, such as cat-eye sunglasses and scarves of the same color.

If you want to be more fashionable and cool, just change your ideas on matching items. For example, matching the upper body with bodysuit or changing the sneakers to the same color socks can enhance the sense of style.

The recently married Beaver demonstrated a typical American cool girl's way of dressing. She loosely put on a dark sweater, ripped jeans and old daddy sneakers in a camel-colored long coat, full of sporty feeling, but because of its stiff His overcoat looks less sloppy.

If paired with narrow-footed jeans, there is another laziness to steal, which is to choose a nightgown-style coat. A jacket with a wide belt is more like an outer dress, it looks more energetic than the open style, and there is no need to always pay attention to the style will be disturbed by the wind.

It girl Sofia Sanchez, who has been very popular in the past two years, is also a loyal fan of camel coats. There are many camel coats and denim blue collocations in her look out.

Simple and capable

Camel coat + solid color sweater

The most basic and easy-to-implement dressing formula is a camel coat with a solid color sweater. This is the easiest way to highlight the quality of the single, whether it is the inner or outerwear can be well displayed.

Simply matching leggings and short boots will have the effect of showing perfect thinness and long legs.

Compared to black and gray, sweaters in lighter shades are more suitable as inner wear, because the color contrast is obvious, which can not only neutralize the dullness of camel, but also brighten the skin tone. The most important reason is the visual deviation. It will make the lower body look extremely thin.

Both Bai Yueguang and Shanzhi Big Brother have demonstrated a camel coat + white sweater and sneakers airport look, which is a comfortable and handsome look that can keep out the cold.

"Big Brother's Woman" Rosie Huntington-Whiteley also has a lot of camel coats. She often wears dark knits and suit trousers as an inner outfit, which is very suitable for creating a capable "strong woman" image.

If you feel that the "successful people" are too mature to wear, refer to the first formula and replace the bottom with jeans or add a scarf to eliminate this sense of distance.

French elegance

Coat + skirt

If you think that the coat is not showing your figure and want to show the femininity, you can choose to wear a skirt, especially a dress with a waist. Gigi Hadid has contributed a set of matching methods that ordinary people can not wear very much, and the inner color is nude. Slit dress, full of aura.

If you like Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City", the slipdress or velvet dress in the camel coat can be used for reference. It will be very special (and very cold).

Asian blogger Aimee Song often wears camel coats with dresses, and she chooses items that have prints or can be contrasted with coats, so as to ensure that her figure will not be hidden by the coat. The best part of this method is that the spring and summer items can be reused, and the bottom of the box is no longer needed.

Plaid and camel can always collide with wonderful sparks.

Like Emily Blunt, wearing a printed dress will not look abrupt, and even neutralize the fancy sense.

If you want to keep warm, thicker fabrics and materials can wear your own style, such as choosing a solid-color knitted dress, focusing on color blocks, and adding a pair of high boots. It is not a problem to control a long coat.

More fashionable

Cocoon coat + suit stacking

Since the resurgence of retro and old shoes have become fashion items, suits are not a unique item of business elites, and various bloggers have already developed new transformation methods, and layering is one of the most basic. Wearing a long camel coat outside the suit can balance the sense of business formality and keep warm on the commute.

Camel is the best base color. It doesn't seem to be too much to stack up. With a complete set of suits, a little bit of color and pattern will be very colorful.

If you are not confident about your own outfit, you can learn from Alessandra Ambrosio wearing a camel coat outside the suit of the same color. Wearing this Ports 1961 coat, she has a perfect aura and feels like a female agent.

Fashion blogger Pernille Teisbaek has always had a special liking for camel coats. Her matching method can always give people unexpected surprises with some small ideas. For example, she has tried to put camel coats on top of plaid suits.

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