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Zhao Lusi and Jennie are wearing it. This dress is the number one in autumn

Two days ago, "I, I Like You" starring Zhao Lusi and Lin Yushen was launched and it was popularly searched. Originally, this kind of sweet drama was really not my preference. I didn't expect to catch it when I caught up (True Fragrance).

It's all to blame for this pair of Huanxi friends, the CP feeling too strong. In the first few episodes, there were intensive "high-energy clips", such as Zhao Lusi pretending to be a Korean in an attempt to get through, and Lin Yushen vomiting bubbles-called by netizens that this is the real soap opera.

But as a fashion editor, the clip I’m most crazy about is that Lin Yushen actually wants to write a phone call on this Bottega Veneta CASSETTE bag. My heart is really full of rejection. After all, it’s nappa leather, or white!

Speaking of Zhao Lusi's outfit in the play, the most appearing appearance is the chef's look, but the most comfortable and most suitable for wearing now is this knitted home wear

Zhao Lusi is also a knitwear lover in life.

Scrolling through the ins and Weibo of celebrity bloggers, from Ouyang Nana, Yu Shuxin, Lisa to Zhou Xun, they all wear different flavors.

In September of previous years, I basically still wore short-sleeved shirts. I didn't expect that Beijing had significantly cooled down at this time of this year. Therefore, for this issue of Pick 100, warm and versatile knitwear is in the process of being arranged.

Speaking of knitwear, the first "faithful fan" that came to my mind was BlackPink's Jennie. According to my incomplete statistics, her wardrobe probably hides 10086 pieces~

Among them, this kind of basic pullover sweater accounts for most of the country. Don't look at its unremarkable style, nothing special, but it is good enough to fit the body, it can highlight the body curve, giving people a pure and desired feeling.

Whatever you want, just like ordinary T-shirts and shirts, any jeans and half skirts are ok, simple style.

Those familiar with Jennie know that the brand she wears the most is Chanel. In fact, apart from the double C logo, the style is not much different from the basic models on the market.

However, Xinxin Zi Yu Shuxin still worked tirelessly to find this similar blue vintage, with a contrasting edging design, and a navel-bearing style, with a touch of playfulness~

The brands Ouyang Nana wears most often come from Korean brand Maybe Baby, American brand Brandy Melville, etc. The price is relatively close to the people, about 200-300 yuan.

This kind of basic style, if you want to dress differently from others, you can start to find a breakthrough from the neckline. For example, big round neck, big V neck and other styles can reveal a thin collarbone, visually extend the distance of the neck, and show a small face, especially suitable for people with round faces or short necks.

The brand Tach Clothing also has this retro generous collar design. The neckline and sleeves are decorated with wooden ears, which instantly becomes romantic.

The collar of Gimaguas is bigger and deeper, and the cut is sharper and more fashionable. The price is about 700 yuan. If you insist on saying a shortcoming, maybe you can't hide the auxiliary breast...

If it is not for a skinny figure, it is not recommended to challenge a loose version. Not only does it have no meat covering effect, but it looks bloated with the expansion effect of knitted fabrics.

At present, there is a kind of "variant" of this kind of basic pullover that is more popular, which is the Polo sweater we often call.

Because it blends a little sporty style, you should unfasten a few buttons when you wear it. It is not so restrained, but has a more casual and comfortable feel.

This type of style is especially suitable for handsome suits and wide-leg pants. It is suitable for daily or work wear, and is particularly neat.

Gimaguas, a Spanish niche brand, not only has the daily earth tones, but also the jumping pink to choose from, which is quite lively and bold.

Knitted cardigan can be regarded as the evergreen style in everyone's wardrobe. It used to be more casual in the past, but designers have also played tricks over the years~

The first is style. Bella Hadid likes this ultra-short style very much, with high waist pants, very personal style.

There is also the color. She occasionally chooses some bright tones to break the boredom, such as dirty orange, fresh taro purple, etc., which is a retro fashion of the 90s.

Her good sister Kendall Jenner recently wore this tender green cardigan from the Australian brand Princess Polly, the price is about 350 yuan, it looks full of vitality~????????????

Others have made improvements in details. For example, this Musier piece by Lisa has a hollow crochet design, which is doubled in exquisiteness. With the goose yellow, the whole person becomes quiet.

Musier, as an old French Internet celebrity brand, cardigans has always been one of its main products. Last year, the pearl button craze that went viral on the Internet can be considered to be brought by it, and the price is about 720 yuan.

Jacquemus's diagonally cut knit cardigan is also quite unique, with a high style memory. Although it is a cardigan, many bloggers also wear it alone or use it as an interior.

And let me say, the cutest is the patterned model. Italian brand ALESSANDRA RICH, these pieces are decorated with cute flowers and bow styles. You should not be unfamiliar with them. Many celebrity bloggers have brought goods on their bodies~

However, the brand price is not cheap. It costs around 5,000 yuan. Jennie has also worn many of its single products. It is a brand with a high exposure in the past two years.

Look again, BlackPink and "Gome" Selena Gomez's latest single "Ice Cream". One of the brands that have the most appearance in MV is the designer brand Sretsis from Thailand.

This small cardigan decorated with strawberry patterns is rich in bold colors and has a retro style in old movies. The price of a single product is about 1500 yuan, and it can only be purchased on the brand's official website.

There is also the Uruguayan brand Tach Clothing, handmade, every piece of crochet looks very delicate~

For simpler ones, you can also take a look at the London brand House of Sunny. A few simple color blocks form a landscape, which is quite memorable. The screen was swiped by it at the beginning of the year. The price is about 800 yuan, but the output is not Many, currently the official website always shows the Sold out status.

If you like this brand, you can also pay attention to its new products. This cardigan with a detachable fur collar is available in two colors: light yellow and light green. The price is about 700 yuan, which is so warm.

Finally, of course, the loose Oversize boyfriend style cardigan is indispensable. The oversized size can wrap most people.

For this style, it is not recommended to fasten the buttons. Generally, you can wear them at will, like Liu Wen and Kendall, to create a sense of laziness.

As mentioned at the beginning, the advantage of the knitted cardigan lies in its versatile design. It can be worn alone as an inner wear or as a jacket, and there are many ways to play. After you have selected it, you can refer to how to wear it below.

Watching blogger street shots, you can always see an extra knitting item on their shoulders, which instantly adds layers, and it is easy to create a feeling of "rich and idle".

As long as the color pattern is not too aggressive, the basic effect will not be bad. For beginners, it is recommended to start with the same color with low difficulty. Tone on Tone is also one of the essence of French wearing Effortless Chic.

Not only is the "knotting method" popular for T-shirts and shirts, but also for knitted cardigans. First, it can prevent the cumbersome feeling of long cardigans, and second, by changing the knot, it can also change the knitting structure.

And foreign bloggers will boldly go into battle in a vacuum, faintly revealing the skin curve, and knitted sweaters can become sexy.

The button gameplay is similar to the "ordinary shirt transformation" I mentioned earlier.

By changing the number of buttons, untie them up or down to expose the skin and show a different sexy style. Sometimes it is much more interesting than rigidly tying all the buttons~

In addition to the above, a suit-style dressing method is also popular this year, creating a sense of harmony through the same inner style. Ms. Jin Zhenni was also nominated. Cardigan suits are not as formal as normal suits. They are relatively younger and younger, and their comfort level is greatly increased.

In order to write this, I looked through Zhao Lusi's photos and found that her private server is really good. If you want to see her outfit or the young lady who analyzes the look of "I Love You", remember to "look at", "Like"~


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